WinFS Beta 1: A Preliminary Look has released some detailed information about Microsoft’s upcoming file system format known as WinFS.  And, though it is on a development cycle separate from Windows Vista and Longhorn Server, it seems clear that Microsoft expects WinFS to be the future for Windows.

As I read the details about the new file system, it occurred to me that this could actually become the single largest security concern on the internet.  The file system is engineered around sharing data; both on a local network, and across the internet.

Sharing data has always been rather easy with Windows.  It generally falls short when it comes to keeping data secure, or keeping unauthorized users out of a system.  Given Microsoft’s recent and very public security failures, I can only see new headlines for the company… And not the ones it is hoping for.

In any case, that’s my take on the article.  I am gun-shy when it comes to Microsoft’s “new and revolutionary products.”  But, in all fairness, Microsoft made me that way.

Checkout the full article at and make your own decision.


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