Windows Vista: Photos are Memories?

We have receive an unbelievable response from the first 2 videos that Eden put together.  Now, by popular demand, here is number 3!


We have had tons of traffic from all over the web.  It has included, among other sources, and  Thanks to all who have shown interest and left comments.


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35 Responses to Windows Vista: Photos are Memories?
  1. Fortwo Reply

    Ouchh… I want this in Quicktime to keep it! :-(

  2. robo74 Reply

    Ha ha.. thats great!

  3. SV Reply

    Where’s the sandy beach or themes? Vistas slide show looks loads cooler than the dated “fade in zoom thingy”. I can’t wait for windows vista.

    But dont get me wrong, I’m not a “PRO WINDOWS, EVERYTHING ELSE SUX!” guy. I love pages and keynote. They are awesome and I sure hope Office 12 will “borrow” and “use” some ideas from those apps.

    I think it’ll be great to compare Leapord and Vista.

    Can’t wait!

  4. Fortwo Reply

    Great! Thanks!!!

  5. Fortwo Reply

    For Gates fetichists I have let as a gratitude a rare movie of him in my public folder at xsimon Titled:

  6. sukotsu Reply

    You want themes and video try iMovie again years old this is the worst one yet that just shows how far ahead OSX is… Im sure Vista will be a great OS and Ill upgrade my PC to it I cant wait but Im enjoyin all those ‘exciting’ new features right now on my Mac

  7. Chris Reply

    Great.. I could only view the video in IE!! Safari doesnt work.

    DP 800 10.3.9 Safari 1.1 v100

  8. sukotsu Reply

    Worked fine for me.. Safari v2.0.3

  9. 1734bkm Reply

  10. dre Reply

    Whatever video player that is, it’s the stupidest design ever. VOLUME CONTROLS PLS K THX. $boycott = 1;

  11. Anonymous Reply

    try upgrading safari….it’s as outdated as windows is

  12. Eden Reply

    Safari rocks. What’s not to like about it? It just works. It’s a browser. Plain and simple. And whats outdated about it?

  13. Anonymous Reply

    There are certain universal truths in the Mac versus PC debate which, throughout the years since it began, no one who is pro-microsoft can dispute, IF they know their own history, and they read thus.

    Every single advance towards a more usable computing experience MS has brought to the PC platform made it’s debut on a Mac. From the mouse pointer and icons to plug and play peripherals, Apple has been MS’s R & D department for many years, and long may it continue, because for as long as Apple is in the driving seat of innovation, only the people who don’t understand Mac can fail – and frankly if they don’t realize by now it’s usability, stability and creativity which really matter, I shed no tears for them.

    As for the “Market share numbers”, this merely confirms what should be plainly obvious to anyone with eyes in their head about how things are – the world is full of really stupid people.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    It Dosn’t Work in Opera v8 either… had to drag out IE…

  15. micheleg Reply

    How is possible that microsoft isn’t able to develope new ideas insead of coping Apple solutions? I’ve seen on vista website that microsoft is coping also the FONTS used by Apple for all its products (myriad) they are hopless Bye

  16. Anonymous Reply

    “Every single advance towards a more usable computing experience MS has brought to the PC platform made it’s debut on a Mac.”

    I wouldn’t quite go that far. I am a linux/unix/mac os x user only. However, Mac OS 9 did not include any type of terminal app. At least windows had DOS and later COMMAND which is nothing compared to a good old Unix csh or bash but it is better than no shell at all.

    Also, I don’t see the BSOD coming out on any macs, wasn’t that a windows innovation?

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Both operating systems have their ups and downs. If one system comes up with a good idea, its only logical that the other would add it into later versions.

    And dont let us forget that MS has helped apple stay afloat in the past. Consider this a return on investment =)

  18. Anonymous Reply

    It’s too bad that apple fanboys will never see their OS hit the primetime :P

    also, I dont see apple running a 3D-accelerated desktop :) that really IS a new innovation ;)

  19. Anonymous Reply

    i love how the blue screen is always brought up. can’t wait to see mac try to run on any POS hardware out there. it’s easy when you control every aspect of hardware creation.

  20. v3x0r Reply

    Get Firefox.

  21. Anonymous Reply

    “also, I dont see apple running a 3D-accelerated desktop :) that really IS a new innovation ;)”

    New? Innovation? Been available on Linux for almost a year and enabled by default on SuSE:

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Correction to above: XGL

    And demos:

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Ya know I have had a Macintosh running Jaguar for 8 months now and I haven’t had any of the problems that idiot in that video had. Guess macs aren’t “fool”proof for some folks.

  24. Anonymous Reply

    yep no BSOD for mac they just freeze solid and dont tell you what went wrong. if ignorence is bliss then get a mac. how is it they dont crash as often there isnt the constant new demanding programs that electronically chalenged people run on thier computers. seccondly mac stole the entire idea of widgets from destopx i admit that macs do look cool but they just put a gui on top of FREEBSD. I dont like the windows monopolly more than anybody else but I still use it because there is more software for it and mac wont sell the x86 version of osx. when all the manufaturers start releasing the source of their os’s for free then you will see true advancement. just look at all the good fedora has done for redhat.

  25. Laurel Reply

    I am trying to find a good Quicktime copy at good resolution of episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the Vista spoof (Gates audio, MacOS video). I teach, and a fellow teacher wants to show it to a class of his. When I try to go to websites mentioned above, I get error404 pages.



  26. alex Reply

    That’s awesome. Man this is a great site. I’m so happy to be a mac guy in this day and age!

  27. Anonymous Reply

    “seccondly mac stole the entire idea of widgets from destopx”

    actually they adopted the idea from Konfabulator, and the makers of Konfabulator claim to have come up with it themselves (feel free to question that claim!)

  28. Anonymous Reply

    “yep no BSOD for mac they just freeze solid and dont tell you what went wrong”

    does that matter? does anyone out there honestly debug the program when it errors, or do you just reload it? we’ve all been trained to save files religiously – so i dont see unexpected crashes as such a big deal anymore.

    what i DO love about mac freezes is that when i force-quit it ACTUALLY KILLS THE PROGRAM, unlike windows that has to freeze the system for 5 minutes while it closes the process. i also love how the mac never says ‘no’. on my PC, with admin rights, i can’t delete certain files – wtf is that? a computer should never tell its owner ‘no’

    oh. and god bless the terminal.

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Hey, windows is still in beta 1 and im sure they will come up will new stuff for their later versions.

    If Mac ever gets it market share, it will crash like windows because they become a larger target for hackers, spyware, trojans, virus, etc. Its them that makes windows slow down and crash more.

    You can prevent this using free anti-spyware programs like “spyware blaster” and get rid of them with stuff like “Ad-aware se” and “Spybot Search and Destroy” and your Windows will work fine.

  30. Anonymous Reply

    And oh yeah,


    “i also love how the mac never says ‘no’. on my PC, with admin rights, i can’t delete certain files – wtf is that? a computer should never tell its owner ‘no'”

    Try closing the programs that use it and it will let you. Thats basic stuff.

  31. Mantiz Reply

    You guys do understand that this video actualy proves that windows vista has at least the functionality osX has right? So every excuse that osx is better gets sidetracked?

    Oh and by the way, first doesent mean it’s better than the copy.

    Amd first introduced the 64bit prosessor to the wide consumer market, gues who makes the fastest consumer 64bit cpu’s at the moment.

  32. Mac User Reply

    No, Mantiz, just no.

    You’re all wrong if you think that.

    The Mac is just better, easier, simpler and quite obviously more original than the pathetic computer.

    It always will be.

    Deal with it.


    Bill Gates couldnt stand the competition, so he’s finally gone.

    Maybe those pathetic PC designers can come up with their own ideas, actually, they might not find that possible.


  33. Mantiz Reply

    No i don’t think that, it’s just that i don’t get it, why can’t mac fans see that there are things that appeal to some users to go with windows.

    Better is in the eye of the beholder, i prefer to combine os’s(as much as possible) and from my own experience osX just isn’t doing it for me.

    Although i like it very much it’s just easier and more productive for me to work in windows and/or linux.

    But i still hold that making something first does not mean you have made the better version. It usually means you will be the one to have to work out all the bugs and make adjustments.

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