Windows Vista: A Revolution in Information Access?

Eden has done it again.  Here’s another video to help put Bill Gates and the gang at Microsoft back where they belong.  Windows Vista has been designed from the ground up to make information more accessible.  It has been designed around the concept of parental control.


Windows Vista has been delayed time after time.  Now we know where the software engineers have been spending their time.  They are trying to put the finishing touches on these revolutionary concepts in personal computing.  I am counting down the days until Vista ships… sometime near the end of 2006.  How will we pass the time?

Thanks again, Eden.  Another home run!

Update: 1/7/06 11:30am
Sorry, I had goofed up the video link above and was playing episode 1 again.  That has been corrected.  I have to be more careful with the late night updates.

Update: 1/8/06 12:33am
Just a progress update on the last two Windows Vista posts…  The site is taking a world class pounding.  We have set a new record for page views in a 24 hour period.  On the upside, we are still running strong.  And, for those who care, I am hosting the site on a 1.25GHz Mac Mini.  The video is linked to a account for faster access.

Since we have been hosting the video on a co-located server, we are dangerously close to running out of bandwidth.  As a result, I have been forced to replace the QuickTime movies with copies pulling from  The quality is lower, and for that I apologize.  It was either this, or remove the video all together. might load a little slower, but it should keep us from running out of bandwidth.  If you experience other problems with the video, please post a comment and I will find another solution.  Once the traffic dies down, I will relink the QuickTime version of the files for anyone who wants to save the downloads.

Update: 1/11/06 10:17am
I just posted Episode #3.  Check it out here.


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96 Responses to Windows Vista: A Revolution in Information Access?
  1. Richard Reply

    uhm.. it’s the same movie

  2. rollo Reply

    what he said

  3. MacUser Reply

    lol :D

  4. mockuser Reply

    Apart from the own goal well done goodshow old bean

  5. Steve Reply

    Sorry, everyone. I made a typo in the source and linked to episode 1. I just fixed it. episode 2 works now.

  6. nope Reply

    no it doesn’t

  7. beefyfigure Reply


  8. Anonymous Reply

    Read this you assholes:


    Vista’s visual theme looks and acts nothing like OS X’s “steel and jellybeans” theme. The Windows file browser and Finder are drastically different. Flip 3D is more akin to Alt-Tab than Expose. The taskbar in Vista shows live previews of EVERY window when you mouse over its name while the OS X dock only show live previews of minimized windows. Alt-Tab has been injected with the same instant-live-preview functionality (of course, this was available in XP through a Microsoft plug-in, but no one really uses it)…this is not present in the OS X application switching interface. The Sidebar, and accompanying gadgets, are Microsoft’s take on the Konfabulator engine (I hate to break it to you but Apple didn’t invent or popularize widgets, gadgets, or whatever else you want to call these mini-applications).

  9. Steve Reply

    Looks like we stuck a nerve with Anonymous.

    All options are welcome here. :-)

  10. Dan Reply

    Is this really necessary? I’ve done casual usage, I was a gamer for a while, and I’ve had to use my computer for professional and educational purposes too.

    I’ve used Dos, Windows 95 to XP, MacOS 6 to 10(x), and hell, i’m even trying to learn to use Linux.

    And you know what? None are perfect. Programs are tools and the OS no different. Doesn’t matter who makes your ratchet, hammer, or wrench. What matters is it does the job. And even moreso, what matters is the job you use it for.

    Apple may never become the gamer’s choice, Microsoft will never be infallible. Why? Because we use them.

    I like Mac’s lack of vulnerability, but I know it’s because there’s an almost non-existant amound of little hackers and malicious code-monkeys who care enough to mess with only 1-2% of us as opposed to 97% or so.

    Same reason why Windows isn’t perfect. It does have geniuses at it’s helm, but really, it’s being crushed under the weight of it’s own sucess.

    And Linux… Well Linux is cool, I can respect it, but I prolly won’t be sailing any KDE/Gnome flags anytime soon. =P

    It’s cool that y’all are passionate about how you use your computers, but come on, I want healthy competition to motivate all 3 camps to do their best. I hope we’ll never have a clear winner, cuz no one OS or programs or computer will suit everyone’s needs. But with all 3 pushing to outdo eachother, you can be almsot certain that whatever operating system you use, THEY’LL be fighting for your approval, not us fighting in their stead.

    And notice how I managed to stay polite during my long-winded, opinionated and uesless speech? That’s how you do it. ;-P

  11. DFG Reply

    Anonymous is just lashing out at the world due to all that pent up frustration from having to work on a windoze machine all those years. Oh yeah, and he’s urked that once again the “new” windoze version isn’t offering any truely innovative features. MS is just riding Apples coat-tails as always. Apple does it first, and Apple does it better.

    Anonymous, I hate to break it to you but MS didn’t create MS-DOS the basis for your antiquated OS. It was created by Seattle Computer Products and was called QDos, as in “quick and dirty operating system. How does it feel to have at the heart of your OS something called quick and dirty. I’ll take my elegant and refined OS X any day of the week

  12. raitata Reply

    hah, who said ms-dos is the basis for windows? that was years ago… i have to agree with Dan though, we all benefit for having competitors in the OS market, and as a windows-user i’m really looking forward to Vista (i don’t really care that mac os x has some of the features already..)

  13. Anti-anonymous Reply

    “Apple didn’t invent or popularize widgets, gadgets, or whatever else you want to call these mini-applications”

    Um- ever heard of Desk Accessories ‘asshole’? Apple certainy invented those mini-applications or whatever you want to call them.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    DFG, I have to take the joke that you left open here – I’d rather have an OS built on something that’s quick and dirty rather than one built on something that doesn’t have any (eunuchs).

    Yeah, it’s a bad joke – but I agree with Dan, not only in style but in content.

    DFG – your comment and Anonymous are the same style with different content, try to step a level above someone who refers to you as an “asshole.”

  15. Stevo Reply

    If Apple does it better… than please explain why it’s not as popular as MS and Windows.

    (Don’t give me stuff like “Apple does it first, and better… blah blah”). Just facts… like a Steve Jobs keynote address

  16. Anonymous Reply

    “Anonymous, I hate to break it to you but MS didn’t create MS-DOS the basis for your antiquated OS.”

    Thanks for breaking the news to me genious. I am not arguing who copied who (Xerox, Konfabulator etc. etc.). I am just talking about what people really use in the “real world”… not the MacCandy Fantasy land you guys seem to be sedated in.

    Don’t get me wrong, Apple’s computers are nice fashion statements, worthing of every Hollywood appearance they get. But in the “real” real world, I’d prefer using something that has the penetration level of MS Windows, even Linux. (I use both.)

    And lastly for the jerkoff who’s been “building computers” for the part 30 years… how many of them were Macs?

  17. Tour guide Reply

    Hi Stevo, and welcome to the Internet!

    You’ll find many amazing things here, thanks to your superior web browser, Internet Explorer! Of course, your first stop should be to patch a few holes.

    Next, be sure to monitor remaining exploits and be sure not to visit those sites that threaten Microsoft’s credib^D supremecy.

    Remember, not all web authors adhere to our high standards (developed in-house under tight security at Redmond!), so you’ll want to avoid any nasty pages that say CSS2, W3C, or PNG on them!

    Look out for tab-based browsing in the next release and remember – you saw it FIRST from the duplic^D innovators at Microsoft.

    Happy browsing with Internet Explorer – the world’s MOST POPULAR and therefore BEST browser.

  18. simX Reply

    Quoth Anonymous: “I’d prefer using something that has the penetration level of MS Windows, even Linux.”

    Bahahahahahahaha. You’re not serious, are you? Macs have a higher “penetration level” (i.e.: market share) than Linux. If you seriously think you’re using a “mainstream” OS when you use Linux, you’re seriously deluded.

  19. poo Reply


  20. Jimbo Reply

    The idea that Mac OS is some kind of “toy” compared to Windows because it’s beautiful is screwy. Mac OS has Unix under the hood, and is therefore powerful and nice to use if you’re a power user, with the added bonus of lots of GUI goodness that Linux doesn’t have. Windows is probably OK for developers too, but it seems ugly and kludgy compared to Unix.

  21. ed Reply

    “If Apple does it better… than please explain why it’s not as popular as MS and Windows.”

    It’s not as popular or widely used, because every PC you get from anywhere comes loaded with MS Windows, with users rarely having an opportunity to decide what they want loaded onto their new machines.

  22. caldaean Reply

    Anonymous: “I’d prefer using something that has the penetration level of MS Windows”

    I personally prefer NOT to use anything with the penetration level of MS Windows.

    Oh, and about the comment regarding the application switcher. Expose is in my opinion a application switcher, since that what people use it for, and i do see all windows updating in realtime, all the time.

    Stevo: Because it is rarely the best product that wins. More oftenly it is the one with the smartest way of getting it on the market. Example: The better BetaMax was beaten by the more expensive VHS.

  23. Frank Reply

    great site!,

    windows is more popular than Mac because of three letters; “I”, “B” & “M”.

    But just imagine if the roles were reversed for a second and Mac had 95% market share, and microsoft had 5% market share – microsoft would shrivel up and die in an instant!

    If Mac get a critical mass of say 30% market share then microsoft are history.

  24. Maxwell Edison Reply

    “your first stop should be to patch a few holes.”

    The only reason you don’t have so many worms, viruses, etc. on Macs is the same reason you can’t get the amount of software that’s available for MS-based systems – nobody wants to program for the Mac, not even virus creators.

  25. ed Reply

    “nobody wants to program for the Mac, not even virus creators.”

    It is to my understanding that the latest Mac version of MS Office is actually better, and has more features than the Windows counterpart.

    Although it’s true that there are not as many games out for Mac, if you take a look at any of the major software titles, there will almost definitely be a Mac version

    (sorry: I should stick on topic of the upcoming vista)

  26. Fritzmeister Reply

    Well now, the real beauty of Windows is the ease in which it accumulates adware, spyware, malware and viruses. Let’s take the average user who buys Windows’ machine, sets it up, and makes a broadband Internet connection. I’ll wager that within a week, they’re overwhelmed with the above-mentioned pirates. That makes it really nice for me, because I can rid your equipment at a cost. And, in many cases, as most of the Windows’ users know, a complete repair just wouldn’t be effective with a hard drive reformat. So, you best buy some serious protective software with that new box, but that’s just not necessary in the Mac world. Now let’s move along to another subject: varying costs of system software. There’s one price for the Home Edition and there’s yet another price for the Pro Edition. And in the Mac world? There’s one operating system and one price.

  27. JEB Reply

    The top five Windows problems:

    1) Viruses. 2) Infections. 3) Spyware. 4) Trojans. 5) Adware.

    What a perfect acronym for the latest from Redmond!

  28. Steve Reply

    I just posted an update to the end of the story above. It explains why the QuickTime movies have been replaced with Flash based versions.

    Thank you all for your comments they are a lot of fun to read!

  29. Tour guide Reply

    Hi Max, welcome to the Internet. Let’s take a look at your post:

    “The only reason you don’t have so many worms, viruses, etc. on Macs is the same reason you can’t get the amount of software that’s available for MS-based systems – nobody wants to program for the Mac, not even virus creators.”

    I should note that one heads to not only to patch the OS, but most especially to patch the browser. So, in a sense, your complaint departs from the point of my post, namely, that popular does not mean better, as illustrated by an IE is to Firefox (Opera, Safari, …) as Windows is to OS X analogy.

    Now for your silly assertions:

    Assertion #1: There is only one reason Macs don’t have viruses/worms/etc.

    Hah. As if. By the way, are you currently logged in as Administrator? Got ActiveX enabled? Using IE? Do you use Outlook? Enabled macros? Ever heard of UNIX?

    Assertion #2: “you can’t get the amount of software that’s available for MS-based systems” – ie. it’s quantity not quality of software that contributes to viruses.

    As an aside, none of the software I’m interested exists/runs well in Windows (including Halo 2, goddamnit). Yes, I’m serious. No, I don’t speak for everyone.

    Assertion #3: “nobody wants to program for the Mac, not even virus creators”

    This is rediculous, and saying such things don’t make them true. Programming for the Mac (in Java, Cocoa, or whatever floats your boat) is fast, easy, and free. (Yes, I program for UNIX and OS X, and Windows when I feel self-loathing)

    As for market share, you should consider the current trend in consumers. MS has market share, but a good chunk of it is old computers. The trend is away from Microsoft and towards Apple (or maybe you’d not like to find out how your MSFT shares are working for you).

  30. Reply

    why do people get all nervous with this posts.. insulting everybody.. chill out.. its just for the laught. take care

  31. Stevo Reply

    Tour guide, you need to stop repeating yourself and learn how to spell.

    And please back your theories with facts, you’re practically the first person I have heard saying that “the trend is away from Microsoft and towards Apple”… yeah sure, the single Apple store that sells Macs in my local mall always has a line… and BestBuy isn’t selling a PC every 2 minutes.

  32. Anonymous Reply

    I always wondered why Windows fanboys seem to love MS so much. I guess it’s the deep ‘penetration’ that only Ballmer can provide.

  33. Reply

    Hey Stevo, first sorry for my bad english, cause I am not a native speaker. I switched about 2 years ago and I can really say that the trend is away from Microsoft – I am looking at my friends – once they used my PowerMac for about 5-10 minutes they got so excited and are planning to get one soon. Two of them already did and they are extremely happy, because it works stable, it’s user friendly and you can do the same things you already did on your windows pc and even more. I do not know why you do not believe the fact that more and more users are switching to the Macintosh platform but if I were you I would read some mac news first and then talk. You see – more than 1.5 million people switched in 2005 and they will get even more if the Intel-Switch go fine.

    For those of you, who protect Windows – you can work with it if you want. I have no problem with that. I stopped doing it and I never reinstalled my OS for 2 years, system crashed maybe 2-3 times and what it’s more impontant – my work got better, faster and more efficient. For two years now I love every single minute sitting infront of the computer…

    Get a Macintosh and you will feel the meaning of the words quality, innovation, stability and user friendly interface… and hey… it even looks great :)

    For the movie – nice job! I laughed a lot and… ONE MORE THING, Stevo. I read a professional review a few weeks ago and it was said that the Vista OS will present features to the its users in 2006, that since 2005 are part of the Mac OS X 10.4… So, no surprise that videos like this entartain us :)

  34. Steve Reply

    I have been reading through these posts, and it is interesting to see everyone’s take on this. Because I have use Mac OS, Linux, and Windows I think it is fair for me to comment. I would rank Mac OS as the best operating system, really those at 1 Infinite Loop are true thinkers, and they have came out with a product that has the Unix backbone, a great GUI that will do just about anything anyone wants to do (given you purchase the right software). I really like Linux because it is open source, and also because I have a strong interest in networking and I will be doing that as a carreer (starting college in the Fall). I will continue to use linux for servers and firewalls. There are sooo many open source tools that make linux the choice for networking professionals (well, some use other flavors of Unix such as Solaris.. which I will be taking classes for aswell).

    I have one windows machine out of 5 that is two macs, two linux boxes and one windows laptop. I will always have one windows machine, mostly for testing and such. People will ALWAYS be using Windows as long as it is around, mostly because as it has been pointed out when people go and buy a PC they are going to get a Windows machine, unless they get one with Linux pre-installed, but that is fairly rare. I would like to see Microsoft improve the operating system, instead of making it more and more bulky and releasing with sooo many holes that need patching. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    I find those who say that Windows is the best operating system, they generally don’t know how to use others, or they don’t know the possibilities of other operating systems. Those who tell me that Linux beats OS X they are 100% open source and so they won’t touch stuff they have to pay for. Maybe each group can provide some innovation, but out of the three I would think that the Apple Users provide the most, as they really do “Think Different”.


  35. nayrk Reply

    man I got a great laugh from the vid (got the link from a Nintendo forum of all places lol)

    I am using a seven year old PowerBook G3 (333MHz w/192MB of RAM) and through the years I’ve had very few cases of progys crashing (glares at MS Office) and yah know what it still runs spiffy. SEVEN years old…most of my friends have a faster FSB than my processer speed…and My comp almost always opens progys faster and its more reliable.

    That is why I love mac so much. My little Lombard outclasses any windows machine (given the windows machine is hooked up to the net for a few days lol) But hey I play games on a console not on a computer so yea.

  36. JuggerNaut Reply

    The Sidebar, and accompanying gadgets, are Microsoft’s take on the Konfabulator engine (I hate to break it to you but Apple didn’t invent or popularize widgets, gadgets, or whatever else you want to call these mini-applications).

    I hate to break it to you, but; the sidebar was/is a QNX feature of old and Konfabulator (created by Arlo Rose — an ex-Apple employee) is an evolved idea from the old Mac OS Desk Accessories (mini apps).

    Vista’s 3D visual form and function are mix match of both Aqua and Looking Glass (from Sun), so Microsoft has not really done anything all that exciting that we haven’t seen before elsewhere.

    Pretty much everything Microsoft has done with Vista is a rip off from some other operating system. Internet Explorer having a similar look and feel to both Safari and Firefox. Representing RSS feeds exactly like Safari (almost mirrored).

    It doesn’t matter, Vista will be outclassed again when Apple releases Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft will have to return to their photocopiers (I mean drawing boards) for another decade!

  37. Stitch Reply

    Anonimous does sound a lot like Ballmer.

    Except he forgot to say “Give it up for me!!!”

  38. Anonymous Reply

    And in the end Apple with remain king of a niche market, with a small number of very loyal users. And Microsoft will power almost all of the world’s PCs.


  39. Anonymous Reply

    Oh, and about the “deep penetration”… that’s what mac fanboys must feel right in their anal hole paying a couple of grand for a Mac.

  40. Someone Reply


    Mac owners generally don’t mind what they’ve paid for their systems. Macintosh systems have a much longer useful life (you can run Tiger perfectly well on a five year old system), so TCO on a year-by-year basis is comparable if not actually a little lower.

  41. rgury Reply


    Some people drive Geos. Some people drive BMWs. They all make it to the grocery store. Only difference, you look like trash.

  42. rhsgolf Reply

    “Oh, and about the “deep penetration”… that’s what mac fanboys must feel right in their anal hole paying a couple of grand for a Mac.”

    Thats kind of funny considering a PC configured to the same specs as a PowerMac is generally within +/- $200 and I dare you to find a PC configured to the same specs as an Apple Quad 2.5 for the same price.

  43. Cbigfoot Reply

    The reason mac is so good is in order for any system change it requires a user password so there is almost no way for a virus to get through with out you knowing!!!!!!! Also the reason not many games are on mac is because they look like shit because microoft is shit!!!!

  44. Smitty Reply

    “If Apple does it better… than please explain why it’s not as popular as MS and Windows.”

    I think there are various elements of all the above mentioned reasons for Microsoft’s majority position, but the big one to me is that many companies have invested huge amounts of money into the Microsoft technology. In order for them to change, the Information Technology manager (CTO/CIO, whatever) would have to go to their board of directors, hat in hand, and say, “I screwed up. We shouldn’t have gotten so heavily dependant on a less-secure and more arcane computing platform. We can end all our IT woes by converting to Macintosh, downsizing our staff 75%, and lower the training budget for all our remaining staff by 50%. Since I’d then be managing fewer people, I’ll take a pay cut as well.”

    Friends, that just isn’t going to happen – not until those folks retire, and a new, clearer-thinking generation takes over. Unless they’re all of the mindset of anonymous and the other gamers who love to hack hardware.

  45. Krig Reply

    All the OSes out there have their distinct advantages and disadvantages over one another, in the end it really comes down to personal preference.

    It is of course amusing to watch fanboys argue about why their system is better.

  46. macmanitou Reply

    ” The only reason you don’t have so many worms, viruses, etc. on Macs is the same reason you can’t get the amount of software that’s available for MS-based systems – nobody wants to program for the Mac, not even virus creators.”


    for this and all other virus statements – you are no programmer right? Visual Basic or what is your favorite language. If you are a real hacker you can do stuff on every platform in a breeze. So fuck the shut up and start learning to program your system. Dont waste your time with playing lousy games and thinking your system is superior (there is no superior system) – only a superior user knowing how to work with an advanced system. So I hope you all virus freaks get it in your head: if you can do a virus on windows you can do it also on mac or linux – in fact if it is possible due to user ignorance, your social service or “system” insecurties. Windows is really good at the later one :P. Mac OS X and most linux distris are fixed and patched by most users before the crowd of windows users even would know that there is a security hole for their platform. This is by all means a fact.

    So go out and learn some stuff before you type so foolish things here!

  47. macewan Reply

    agreed, that line of thought is incorrect for the most part

  48. noah Reply

    Pretty much the entire life of Microsoft in the OS world has been a rip-off of something else. From Bill gates paying a small fee for the rights or the original DOS then packaging it as his own creation. To adding a GUI after Apple. To present day. Microsoft always has been and always will be chasing and struggling behind Apple. Except in the field of Faulty applications. As for usage, I’m a professional, when I want a tool tha will work, when I need it as I need it, I will turn to a Mac. I can make a PC run the same way but it will take time and money I’m not willign to spend.

    Bottom line: Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

  49. john Reply

    The “penetration level of MS Windows”? That sounds like pain to me. Who wants to be penetrated when they’re using a computer? But that’s exactly what it feels like when I have to dig into the Windows Registry to remove all the nasty stuff my clients accumulate in normal web browsing. And you can probably guess which orifice, too.

    You can keep your penetration. I’ll take the pleasure of using a Mac any day.

  50. shamttster Reply

    Hah! Anonymous must’ve really blew his top!

    People with self esteem issues should never post to tech forums

  51. zeke Reply

    there is ONE reason that osX does not have the market share as microsoft… Apple is a hardware company! a fantastic os to run on very good hardware is part of the package.

  52. jamey Reply

    Personally, I’m a former Windows admin, with a smattering of Netware, linux, Solaris, Irix and even VMS under my professional belt. Now that I’ve left my 8 year IT career behind me, I’ve gone almost entirely to OS X (I keep one lame Celeron 600 laptop with XP on it, to run a couple of legacy apps on).

    I didn’t really get into Macs much until OS X came along– I was familiar (in an envious sort of way) with the reliability and security of Unix, had tinkered a good bit with linux, and decided it took more time than I was willing to commit to configure and run. OS X gave me that unix reliability and security, with incredible ease-of-use.

    To address the cost issues raised above: Honestly, I’d love to get rid of my XP laptop, but I’m too cheap to buy anything over $500 (I run OS X.3 on a six-year old Lombard Powerbook G3, and OS X.4 on a Mac Mini and a 400 MHz G4 Sawtooth desktop– none of which have acceptable speeds when running freeware Intel emulators). I haven’t paid more than $350 for a computer in over 5 years (and, yes, I run OS X on three different boxes).

    The thing I loved about the video, and the point that I thought Eden made very well, is that the features that Bill Gates is describing as bold innovations are all things that OS X has been doing for a while now.

    As for the people who are asking “If OS X is better than Windows, then why does Windows have all the market share”… well, I’ve got better thing to do than to teach market theory to pedantic idiots.

  53. Bill Reply

    “If Apple does it better… than please explain why it’s not as popular as MS and Windows.”

    Hmmmm I guess we should all run out and buy a Chevy Cavalier, they must be better than a Mercedes or BMW, or Ferarri…Look how many other people use them!

    Interesting fact Mr. Anonymous…Do some research, look up the name Sir Timothy “Tim” John Berners-Lee, maybe check out his choice of computer when he was busy inventing the internet, go on don’t be scared!

  54. Anonymous Reply

    Except that Chevorlet doesn’t have $40 in their bank and Mercedes or BMW weren’t helped by Chevy when they (in the not so distant future) faced bankruptcy.

    So, again… keep driving your Mercedes or BMW and paying $200 for an oil change… meanwhile I’ll stick with my 2K6 Civic… err… Vista.

  55. Anonymous Reply

    That’s $40 BILLION. My bad.

  56. Bill Reply

    Funny that Apple stock is trading at $76.05 and Microsoft at $26.86 Interesting…

    And you’re right Mercedes had cheap labour from a certain ethnic group during the war.

    And you’re right Microsoft is better and Apple is garbage. There now what would you like to complain about ?

    Is listening to all those noisey fans irritating you?

  57. FUBAR Reply

    Honestly, who cares! Why do people keep comparing a harware company with a software company. I used to have a iBook but ditched it after it crashed 3 times in the first hour of owning it. This while I was on the phone with Apple Care while they were trying to figure out why my modem wouldn’t work. After about an hour and half, and having to reboot into some UGLY OS (I think it was OS 9.x) several times to change settings, Apple Care told me to send it for repair. On the other hand I purchased a Dell with a loose key, and I had a service tech in my livingroom within 4 hours with a new keyboard. I have had 5 computers with XP and not a single one has EVER crashed in 3 years. WTF.

  58. OBdaDa Reply

    Great viDeo Great DiscuSSioN

  59. Anonymous Reply

    OS/2 FTW.

    Also, Jesus was black.

  60. slickfire Reply

    jeez….some people can’t take a joke…i stopped reading after like the 5th comment it’s just a fun project with some humor….

  61. frankielinked Reply

    How many Microsoft presentations ended with lots of egg-on-face when the Windows system crashed ? Quite a few . Bill Gates personally hosted several of them! Videos available all over the web. Now if a Microsoft marketing presentation regularly ends abruptly in blue screens or system crashes , is that not a deterrent ? No , it is not because everybody seems to love blue screens and system crashes in their office or living room .So , you get exactly what you see when you watch them presenting their products. At least they are honest about themselves…

  62. Anonymous Reply

    No, you’re the one that’s stupid!

  63. frankielinked Reply

    I guess I shall have to dust off my old PC to decrypt the 4:29 AM posting by Anonymous. I will take me just about three hours to get it up and running .

  64. Viruses Reply

    Funny… I would almost buy that “apple is too small for people to want to write viruses for”… but is there seem to be several people here that hate mac users enough to do it… so… that can’t be it.

  65. john Reply

    So I guess this whole discussion has finally descended to its true level. A person who’s too cowardly to use his name (Anonymous) firing back with the infantile “No, you’re the one that’s stupid!”

    How do the rest of you feel knowing you’re arguing with a child? I know how I feel.

  66. Noah Reply

    I was actually wondering what his age was. Education level might have somethign to do with it to.

  67. Deepdiver Reply

    Why does MS have better market penetration? IMO it goes back 20 years. Reaching wwaaaayyyy back to the popular advent of the PC, Apple won beating out Atari, Commodore, etc. All of us in computer classes in elementary and secondary schools in the early through mid-80s knew how to use Apples and the first Macs. IBM started pushing DOS apps for business but those of us graduating HS in the mid-80s all preferred Macs because of our comfort level. And then Mac screwed up. The tried to become a beautique product. Wanna buy an IBM compatible computer? There were 20 local computer stores in any decent sized town. Wanna buy a Mac? Good luck finding a store that sells them. But why?

    I was involved in a local computer business venture in 1989. If you wanted to sell IBM compatible computers (as they were called then – it was either IBM compat or Mac), related hardware, software, peripherals, etc. all you needed was a little capital, a little knowledge, a workbench, an advertisement and a catalog from 3-4 vendors to buy all hardware/software needed. But, if instead you wanted to sell Macs you needed (remember this is 1989) $50,000.00 to franchise. THEN they had to approve your store, your advertising campaign, and a bunch of other stuff. At that time, in a Midwest town of 12,000 people, Mac told us that franchisement, setup and inventory (they required a specific level of inventory) would cost about $150,000 PLUS operating capital. Also, if you weren’t a Mac franchisee you couldn’t buy Mac products wholesale so you couldn’t reasonably sell them and make any money.

    So there it happened. Every town in America had at least one IBM compatible, MS-DOS based computer store and very few places had Mac stores because of the cost of setting up the business. You could start an MS-DOS/IBM business on a shoestring budget. This made MS-DOS/IBM machines VERY available to the public. And even if you travelled 150 miles to get a Mac, you had to travel that sime 150 miles every time you needed anything for it.

    By the time of the rise of the internet and easy accessibility of vendors regardless of location, the war was lost. Mac became what it was misguidedly trying to be in the late 80’s, a beautique computing system.

    MS might still have held sway in the business world, however, I think that Mac, if they hadn’t been such arrogant wienies in the 80s could have won the home PC battles and maybe by now the war even in offices.

    As it is, I use Microsoft OSs and have since the late 80s when it was so much more accessible than Mac. I think that MS generally sucks and has crappy products and I have absolutely NO interest in migrating to Vista when it is released. I’ll stick with Win 98 (legacy machine for when I need DOS support) and XP until I just can’t anymore for some reason. I don’t trust the intrusion of MS into the DCRM fray and what they are going to be monitoring on my computer just for starters. Secondly, I got XP right after it was released and had 2 total crashes in the first month due to “unpublished” glitches that MS hadn’t got around to fixing yet and didn’t want to admit publicly.

    Still, I don’t forsee migrating to Mac. My proprietary business production software is not Mac compatible and I expect that tens of thousands of dollars in other software and hardware I have isn’t either.

    The videos were hilarious though. I always enjoy an opportunity to laugh at a company that has brought me so much pain, misery and aggravation over the years.

  68. Tour guide Reply

    “And please back your theories with facts, you’re practically the first person I have heard saying that “the trend is away from Microsoft and towards Apple”

    Fine, here’s some facts:

    “The company’s revenue totaled $5.7 billion in its fiscal first quarter, which ended in December, up from $3.5 billion a year earlier, he said. The company sold 14 million iPods, up from 4.5 million a year earlier.” — []

    Apple’s stock popped over $80. Yeah, I’m excited, but really, I just want one of these:

  69. Noah Reply

    Yeah those are pretty… the 15″ only thing baffles me though.

  70. Ash Reply

    I’ve always been a windows baby, I was playing DOS games back when commander keen and duke nukem were the latest side scrollers, when i was too young to ‘get’ wolfy3D. I grew up from DOS to Win3.11, then through almost every version of windows. I had this ingrown despise for mac. Then i got an iBook this christmas.

    Never goin back to windows.

  71. Anonymous Reply

    I used amiga, windows, macosX and Linux, and right now I’m using windows. There’s no need to be religous about your os. All of them have weakneses but windows has more.

  72. ldenman Reply

    Dear Anonymous, On Behalf of Everyone Here at MacLive.Net, I Request that You, SirNewbissMcgee, Leave This Forum or Go ahead and Give in to the Fact that EVERYONE here PWNED YOU LIKE WOAH! I seriously doubt that you have actually USED OSX. If you did, you probably were not able to understand the dock menu, finder, or maybe even the trash bin. Its alright though, Ignorance(stupidity) is Bliss. We just want to help to open your eyes to something new and amazing .

    Here is something that may help you out:

    Please Read The Information. Especially the Comments on the right side.

    In Christ, Ldenman

    ps. Are you stating that Windows has more weakness than osx and linux? If not, i would rephrase that.

  73. Anonymous Reply

    That sounds like a different anonymous, actually. If I do this right I should be anonymous too… its Noah actually.

  74. neo Reply

    The reason Windows is popular over Apple is because of a simple business decision. Windows was a cheap way to get tens of millions of useless computers to be usefull once again.

    Like anything in Life we either choose to go for the really great things and pay to ride the Ferrari or we get on the good ol Chevy and go for a spin.

    Don’t get all in a fuss about it. Apple does make far better technology than Microsoft ever will dream of doing but that doesn’t change the fact that people are dumbfucks that would choose to buy a piece into the marketing bullshit that is fed to them.

    That’s why we chose use vhs instead of the far better beta back in the day and guess what Beta is still the Broadcast industry standard to this day and vhs is dying. I’m sure if the dumbasses at Sony would have licensed beta for the movie and porn industry it would be a different story.

    Most of the population in this Planet are suckers for a great marketing bullshit story. That’s how we were sold a War in Iraq my fellows. So chin up…. Vista has more problems up ahead. One major one is the fact that it’s a processor and ram hog.

    I’ll keep my mac for now thank you!

  75. SybAGreY Reply


    In the email I get, it says “To stop following this thread click here:” then doesn’t give you anything to click.

    I can’t remember which thread I’m subsribed to, but if somebody could assist in removing me from all, that would be appreciated.

  76. zen Reply

    windows sucks gorilla dong.

  77. Tour guide Reply

    Likewise, I am offered no way to remove myself from the automated email notifications. What gives?

  78. smanke Reply

    I just posted Episode 3 of Eden’s series. See the link at the end of the story above for a link.

  79. Tour guide Reply

    How to unsubscribe: the link is there; it’s just hidden. Turn off HTML formatting of your email and you’ll see it.

  80. Anonymous Reply


    Here’s something that might help YOU,

  81. Anonymous Reply

    “$5.7 billion”

    How much is that in iPods?

  82. thunderer Reply

    I am counting down the days until Vista ships… sometime near the end of 2006. How will we pass the time?

  83. ldenman Reply

    @ Anonymous… 1.OLLLLLDDDDDD!!!


    2. How about supplying me with a site that contains some validity…

    You are probably some 13 year old kid who thinks he is some Uber-Duber 1337 H4X0R! Well, Get on my level….bitched.

  84. Jonny Reply

    I often wonder how many of these people criticising mac have ever used one…

    You often notice that people will defend the thing they use (phone network, for example) just because of the human trait of wanting to be the best.

    On the other hand, I doubt you’ll see a mac user who hasn’t tried windows, and just decided it’s better.

    My personal conclusions: Mac is a better OS in many ways.

    As a computer for a company, especially for graphics/web design/CAD-CAM companies, it is invariably found better.

    As a computer for home users, for things such as games, Windows is superior – mainly due to it’s popularity and wide range of games, mac has less; but i’ve never crashed one ¬_¬


  85. pIx Reply

    Without the intention of getting into an OS battle, I just want to add productively and state my reason for using Windows and not the Mac, even though I use a Mac all too often in my Univ. Lab.

    Hardware vise I now have an IBM Thinkpad that cost me $1977 that I purchased this december, so price was not the issue.

    As electrical engineers, we need to use applications like Cadence (for circuits design), Microcontroller Programming tools like Codewarior, IT Guru (computer network development tool), Mathcad (provided by Univ). It is difficult for anyone in the engineering field to completely dispose windows.

    Though, on a users stand point of view, I really like OSX over Windows and Apple has got more things right in making the OS apealing to the user and the invaluable advantage of seamless integration because they make the hardware & the software.

    But windows also has its advantages. The high end oscilloscopes, network analysers and some radars I worked with all use windows OS!! Its really amazing how much diverse hardware they have managed to address with the same OS. But doing this requires a install-driver type of approach, issues of unstability.

    So to conclude, my chosen line of profession benefits from windows as of now and I think both MacOS and WindowsOS has their abilities & dis-abilities.


  86. Anonymous Reply

    for a clissic Microsoft vs Apple difference, please take your time to watch

  87. Anonymous Reply

    Gosh!! thank you for tat vista keynote link… Mcrosoft for total world domination. Folks, Microsoft Windows is not only going to be inside your TV, Mobilephone, bathroom mirror, kitchen, airport launge, regular home phone, car etc.. etc.. but they are all going to be integrated to operate exchanging information with each other etc. etc… See the keynote for more ifo.

    Right now, if its only the computer, then MacOS may be better, but soon Microsoft will be leaving Apple in the dust….

    When Steeve Jobs talk of the compnplace software, Gates’s keynote is a demo of true science fiction.

    No I am not a gates fac… just reflecting some reality here.

  88. Anonymous Reply

    Jobs vs. Gates: Who’s the Star?,70072-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

  89. bajaj Reply

    Mac sucks !!! Its so difficult to work with just the keyboard !! and being a programmer i need those shortcuts…and yest convenient shortcuts !!! Mac lacks those !! Now dotn tell me that there are easier shortcuts in Macs than windows… also its hard to control the windows… if you by mistake click you loose all those freakin file menus up there i can list tons of flaws like this in MACS which limit the speed of your work !! Also the ALT TAB thing that they tried to make like windows ..well it sucks in MAC>..coz it just shows the application and not the actual windows… who the heck wants to see the applications running instead of windows !!!

    AND those who are dreeaming of Apple taking up the majority of market share !! well forget about it !! its not gonna happen..!!

    And viruses …:-D

    well well … ALL the Mr. and Miss MACINTELS …. just wait and watch !!!


    you will be in virus hell soon … if you dont want to be …then just pray that you dont catch the attention of hackers and virus writers by over publicising your MACS !!!

  90. Karlos Reply

    ok i stoped reading this eventaly cause it just kept saying the same thing over and over. The mac fan boys are just angry cause despite everything when vista comes out 95% of the world will get it and even if mac did have things before it they wont care becouse they will have it on a familer computer. It dosnt matter if macs are better or not really personly i dont think they are i have them for school and they never work recenlty they all had to be recaled to wipe the hard disk thats over 600 computers!!!! I never have problems with my home except once where i had hardwhere problems which was easly fixed for not much cost since i could replace the hardwhere my self. Macs are pritty but you cant exactly do much with them.. . oh expect hack the shit out of them ive seen people make such a mess out of there school computers ussing a resticted acount and no other softewhere that they took over 2 months to fix. and the school tecs couldnt fix them they have to be sent away how conveiont eh? In either case when it comes right down to it the market decides and you dont need to have market thero to work this one out.

    btw im sure some of you will want to attack my spelling as some sort of symble of my intengese so just so you know im dislexic meaning im probly smarter than you!!!

  91. ex2bot Reply

    Okay, people. Stop this bickering. Every operating system has advantages and drawbacks. Can’t we just all relax and have fun? No more silly arguing.

    Because Macs are better. ;)


  92. Mac USER -- Pc ABUSER Reply



    You gotta


    Lol, that rhymes…

    Theyre gona be going back to their copying machines everytime Apple releases a new OS, Apple rocks, Pc sucks fat cock, deal with it, froobs.


    Froobs = FReaky nOOBS

  93. Patrizia Reply

    Posted on Do you people have a faeoobck fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  94. Maria Reply

    I’m forced to use Macs for work, and I hate them. My main gripe with Macs is that if you have mutilple windows open, like, say, a Web browser, an Excel spreadsheet, another Excel spreadsheet, and a chat window, there is no real easy way to switch back and forth between the windows, especially when one gets buried behind the others. Windows has that nice toolbar on the bottom where you can click between windows easily. On a Mac, you have to minimize all the windows blocking the one you want, which is a pain when you’re trying to multitask. There is an applications toolbar on a Mac, but if you have two of the same application open (like the two Excel sheets), clicking on the application symbol only brings up one of the sheets. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. But bottom line is, I find PCs a lot more intuitive on user-friendliness. I also hate how on email attachments, it makes you download the attachment to your desktop or some other folder, instead of just automatically opening the attachment using the application and embedding it in your browser, like Windows does. Also, a lot of Mac versions of software suck. I tried downloading the Mac version of Quicken and found it inferior to the PC version.My last point is that I’ve actually found connecting to a wireless connection a lot easier with a PC.

  95. Maza Reply

    I love Windows Vista!
    It was the dawning of a new era.

  96. Cherry master machines Reply

    Windows Vista undoubtedly has some great features and it is a revolutionary system. Parental control us the best part about it. Thank you for the info.

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