Why I Think Change Is Good

The following information has no real value.  I just found it to be an interesting way to save money.  Since I just finally learned the results of my effort, I thought I would share.

At the end of each day, I take the spare change in my pocket and toss it in a jug.  Nothing odd there.  I know a lot of people that do the same thing.  But when I emptied it (actually I made Carrie empty it) this week, I (she) found a dated note in the bottom that had the date the most recent iteration of the experiment started.

That’s when I recalled why I put the note there in the first place.

I make it a point to never use exact change when I spend cash.  That way, every time I use cash, I have some amount of change left over.  That’s what makes this interesting, at least to me.  I never avoid having change left over.  In any case, all of that change ended up in this experiment.

Date Range:  3/10/05 – 8/11/08
Coin collected: $867.42
Paper: $266.00

For a while I had been lazy with singles from time to time.  Putting them in my pocket and not my wallet.  When I did that, that money too went in the bucket.  This wasn’t something I did for very long.  I must have been drunk one night too because I found a $50 in there when we cleaned it out.  Who knows.  The point of this was really the change, but if someone wanted to be more aggressive, I think the concept could be escalated to spare singles too.

So, in the end, my little experiment was simply based on the fact that I don’t pay any attention to the spare coin.  I wanted to see what it could turn into over time if I actually could keep track of it.  Luckily I left myself that note.

Like I said, it means nothing in the scheme of things.  I just found it interesting that I have $800+ that I didn’t know I had, saved due to this approach.  I’m sure some shrink could use this data and this abnormally long post to prove case and point that I am certifiable in addition to being cheap and easily amused.


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