What Microsoft Executives Would Do to Apple Packaging

Apple has its own way of designing product packaging.  The company’s packaging tends to be as tastefully created as the products themselves.  This is a sharp contrast to the rest of industry which has a tendency to run rampant with redundant product information and overblown propaganda.  Ever notice the product packaging that Microsoft uses?  I can’t imagine a sharper contrast to Apple’s.

That was the idea that led Ken Collins from metaskills.net to develop his own parody illustrating this very concept.  The video does a masterful job of examining the so called “development process” that Apple wisely avoids.


Check out the video!  It made me laugh… and I think it should be shared with the world.  Though the video is available here, it is the work of Ken Collins.  Please be sure to checkout metaskills.net for more information.

Update: 3/3/06 6:20pm
I received an email from Ken Collins clarifying the fact that he did not create the above video.  He found it amusing so it posted a story about it on his site.  Sorry for the confusion.

Update: 3/14/06 2:16pm
A post on The iPod Observer has further clarified the source of this video.  Apparently it was an internal parody put together by a rather creative group inside of Microsoft.  The point was to poke fun at the over blown marketing gimmicks that Microsoft sometimes employs.  Apparently the video was never intended for distribution outside of the company.


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