What Does the Future Hold for Hamachi?

It’s confirmed.  Hamachi, the killer free P2P VPN software solution has been purchased by LogMeIn.com.  Given LogMeIn’s current market aimed at business support solutions, the future of Hamachi is in question.  The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.  For now we can only hope that the product will remain a free solution.

LogMeIn’s intention seems to be the same as many current Hamachi users.  They intend to integrate the software into current products that allow easy and intuitive offsite tech support.  Checkout the press release here and tune in later for more news as it develops.


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3 Responses to What Does the Future Hold for Hamachi?
  1. Huntington Reply


    Just wanted to let you know that Alex Pankratov, the creator of Hamachi, has stated on the official Hamachi forums (http://forums.hamachi.cc/viewtopic.php?t=9166) that it’s going to remain a free program.

  2. smanke Reply


    Thanks for the news. I haven’t made it over to the forum yet. That is great news! I was terrified to lose such an amazing tool!

  3. nick Reply

    Just wondering if something like netfence ( http://www.phion.com ) would run on a Mac as well?!

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