What Did We Learn in 2012?

Looking at the site logs this morning I found a spike in traffic from last night.  Digging into the logs I found that The Guardian, a popular online publication in the UK did a story titled “Lessons the tech world learned in 2012.”  The story covers some of the big ouch moments that made headlines in 2012.  But it was lesson #8 that brought the spike in traffic to Maclive.net.

Lesson #8 was titled “If you want privacy keep off the net. Or at least encrypt your stuff.”  Needless to say, the finger was pointed at former CIA Director David Petraeus.  There was a lesson to be learned there.  But when the Guardian made note of the complexities of encrypting ones email, they linked to our post.  That’s where the surge originated.

There’s no doubt about it.  Encrypted email is far more complicated than it should be.  It’s so difficult that even seasoned IT pros have trouble keeping email clients running with encryption certificates.  Lets hope an egghead takes a look at the problem in 2013 and finds a way to make the process easier.

Happy new year to all!

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