Use Gmail to Store Files!

Shortly after Gmail went beta, enterprising programmers started developing alternative ways to take advantage of the massive amount of drive space that google offers users.

There are several tools out that allow users to turn that Gmail account into conventional hard drive space for remote storage.  Up until now, every one that I have seen only worked for Windows users.

Today I found one at  Simply login to that site using your gmail address and password and you can upload and download files with ease.  And, best of all, it works with my Mac!

I have not tested in Safari, but I know that the service works well in Firefox on OS X 10.4.1.


UPDATE: 6/27/05
It looks like Google did not appreciate the name the site was using, so they took action.  The site has been renamed as a result.

It looks like the site is still off line as of 6/27/05, but should be back online very soon.


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