Unreal Tournament 2004 Goes Universal

Last week I posted to say the update would be out shortly.  Now its official.  If you want to play Unreal Tournament 2004 on your new Intel based iMac, you will want to download this update.  According to the post I saw on tuaw.com, Macsoft’s General Manager claims the game runs twice as fast on an Intel Mac.

I have a request to anyone with an Intel based iMac and UT2004.  I would like to know if the game ran at all before it was Universal (I doubt that it even launches).  And, if it did, how did the frame rates change after installing the Universal Binary?  This seems like an interesting benchmark of Rosetta’s performance under graphically intensive loads.  Secondly, I can’t wait to find out if the game really is twice as fast on Intel.

The download is 199MB, so start downloading now!

Update: 2/6/06 2:45pm
In house tests show the following:
Running in Rosetta on a 1.83GHz 17″ iMac:
Asbestos Level Flyby: 26.95 fps
Asbestos Level Botmatch: 11.39 fps

Running the Universal Binary on a 1.83GHz 17″ iMac:
Asbestos Level Flyby: 198.46 fps
Asbestos Level Botmatch: 61.11 fps

Compare that to the scores on an 1.9GHz G5 17″ iMac:
Asbestos Level Flyby: 137.96 fps
Asbestos Level Botmatch: 38.21 fps

The Core Duo iMac shows a substantial improvement when running a Universal Binary and it blows the doors off the iMac G5!  And, as i had hoped, we get a good idea of Rosetta’s overhead when we compare the frame rates of the Universal version to the previous version.  Now, if we can just get some more Universal games out there…


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