The History of Apple’s Mightymouse

This week, Apple introduced its first multi-button mouse, called Mightymouse.  But, apparently, this is not the first time that Apple has used that particular name.  This article is extremely interesting and tells the tale (pun intended, sorry) of the first mouse design Apple ever produced.

Of all the Apple stories I have heard over the years, I am surprised I never came across this one.  It’s amazing to look back at the history of a device we all take for granted.  In fact, I can’t imagine using a personal computer without a mouse.

We all know that the mouse was first developed at Xerox in the early 80’s.  But that mouse was only a shadow of the input device that we know and love today.  This article explains the evolution of the Xerox mouse costing $400, into one that could be produced for $10-$35.

Check out this article from Stanford Magazine.  It’s one of the best tech stories you have never heard!


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