The Competition for Ultra-Broadband

The battle for ultra-broadband is now heating up.  Major providers from all over the US are fighting to one-up each other and bring the fastest possible internet connections to consumer’s homes.

This story from Reuters details some of the operating plans of some of the biggest names in the industry.  But with all of the info provided here, I can’t help wondering what might be in the works that no one is talking about.  Big name companies like these rarely put all of their cards on the table for the other players to see.

And, left out of the story all together is the mention of Broadband over Powerline, or BPL.  It’s a technology that the FCC has been testing for years and with its high capacity infrastructure already in place, it remains a potential challenger.

If you are stuck in the fringes and still dealing with dialup, my sympathies are with you.  But, with all of this expansion taking place, it seems only a matter of time before broadband makes it to your neck of the woods.


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