The Silent Man by Alex Berenson

I finished reading The Silent Man by Alex Berenson last night.  Its the 3rd book in the John Wells series of novels.  As with the first two, I really enjoyed it.  This release deals with a Muslim group trying to steal and smuggle two Russian made nuclear weapons into the US.  John Wells, struggling to adjust to his life as a normal CIA operative is having difficulty and working through personal issues.  He pretty much stumbles into this terror plot and finds what he needs to keep going.

Being the third book in the series, its good to have the characters still developing.  Since we know them better at this point, Berenson digs deeper into their personalities and their entwined relationships.  At the same time, the story details a great deal of the work the extremists experience as they attempt to smuggle and refit the atomic bomb.  This lends to a full and complete story.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, though at this time no future work has been announced.  Alex Berenson has done a great job of building characters that the reader can care about while finding new espionage stories that are compelling and keep the pages turning.

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