The Roswell Conspiracy, by Boyd Morrison

roswell-conspiracy-100Boyd Morrison’s latest book, The Roswell Conspiracy was easily one of my most anticipated books of the year.  Release number three in the Tyler Locke series, this may be the best book yet.  The story opens with Dr. Tyler Locke and Grant Westfield visiting New Zealand’s Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds to put a new top secret hybrid test car through a series of cold weather tests.  But while in New Zealand, Dr. Locke takes a side trip to visit a seventy-five year old woman claiming to have a piece of wreckage from infamous Roswell crash.  Tyler’s firm, Gordian Engineering is the foremost airline crash investigation specialist in the United States.  This makes Tyler the most logical consultant to help identify the wreckage the old woman has held in secret since 1947.

Right out of the gate, the book launches into a rocket propelled thrill-ride as Tyler struggles to uncover the secrets of the Roswell crash.  But even the mysteries of crashed alien spacecraft are not enough for a storyteller like Mr. Morrison.  Complications quickly arise as secrets long buried by the Russians start coming to light and drawing attention to a rouge SVR agent who attempts to steal the Roswell artifacts.  This draws a tangled web of international intrigue that grows to involve the FBI as well as the NSA, international drug-runners and arms dealers.

While the books title might lead readers to believe that the plot is filled with crazy UFO theories from the lunatic fringe, this is absolutely not the case.  Mr. Morrison crafts a plot that is very plausible and well grounded in modern science and reality.  Consider the mystery that is Roswell, add to that the endless unanswered questions pertaining to Tunguska, Easter Isle, and the infamous Nazca Lines.  Add a whole lot of international intrigue, a boatload of suspense and endless action and you have a thriller titled The Roswell Conspiracy.

Pickup the book in paperback from your favorite local bookstore, in Kindle format from, or formatted for Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader.  But if you are looking for a great summer read that leaves you satisfied and considering everything you ever heard about Roswell in a whole new light, please take the time to read this book.  It is pure and simple fun from beginning to end.  And be sure to checkout Boyd Morrison’s web site for a list of his other great books.  Every one of which I personally recommend.

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