The Mountain by David Golemon

The MountainThis is book #10 in the series and a truly outstanding release. Over the course of the first 9 books, David Golemon created characters his readers feel at home with. With the Mountain, he mixes things up in new and interesting ways. Much of the book takes place in the past—pre-Event Group. Historic characters, during the time of the American Civil War, are explored for much of the book. It gives Golemon a chance to introduce some powerful and dynamic new characters while teaching readers things we never knew about the present day Event Group. The experience is well conceived, skillfully executed, and results in an exceptional tenth book in the series.

Fans of the series will love The Mountain. Alternatively, readers who are new to the series could easily begin reading with book #10. That’s unusual for a series of books with so much history already committed to paper.

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