The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone


An unpredictable series of events are trigger when hardware store owner, Bill Ferguson, interferes with the kidnapping of a teenage girl from a local highway rest stop.  The would be kidnaper turns out to be an elusive serial killer/kidnaper who has been eluding the FBI for nearly three years.

When Ferguson prevents the abduction, he puts himself and his family in the crosshairs of the deadly fugitive.  From there the story takes off as an FBI manhunt spares no manpower in the search for the famed “I-90 Killer.”  But it’s the direction the story takes after this that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Folks squeamish to child violence might be sensitive to parts of this book.  That said, the author has done a masterful job of navigating a very delicate line.  Both with his prose, and with the plot.  This is a story about a sadistic kidnaper and killer but it’s also the story of a hero and a man willing to do absolutely anything to protect his family.  So those sensitive should be warned but they should not dismiss this book outright.  This is one of those visceral empowering stories of good versus evil but it’s one you can have confidence in the outcome.  This is worth your time.  The resulting anxiety is well developed and properly rewarded.  It’s the sort of writing that makes for a successful thriller, and that is exactly what Allan Leverone has done.

The plot takes some unexpected and very interesting twists.  All of which lead to a very rewarding ending that is difficult to anticipate.  That said, once you reach the end of the book you will see that there were hints at the final outcome scattered along the way.  They were there, just cleverly hidden… as they should be.

The Lonely Mile is a riveting thriller and a great summer read.

The Lonely Mile is available in ebook format as well as in trade paperback via Amazon.  You can find more information regarding Allan Leverone’s books at his web site.  You can also find him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or see what he’s reading via his GoodReads page.

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