The Emerald Scepter by Paul Kemprecos

emerald_kemprecos_iconThe Emerald Scepter is one of those rip-roaring adventures that I didn’t see coming.  It was a book that I found intriguing after reading its description online.  But it turned out to be one of those books that will never have a description that can do it justice.  We’re talking a 500 page novel that is cover to cover action and suspense.  The characters and interesting and engaging while the plot leaves the reader with a constantly evolving understanding of the protagonist’s past and present.

All of this is an exceptional treat for fans of the thriller genre as many will recognized Paul Kemprecos’s name from his collaborative work with Clive Cussler on The Numa Files (the Kurt Austin series).  And while it comes as no surprise that Paul is a gifted story-teller, The Emerald Scepter proves that he has saved his best work for his solo career.

I started reading The Emerald Scepter looking for a solid summer action thriller.  By the time I closed the figurative back cover (it was an ebook after all), I realized I had selected an exceptional summer adventure.  The characters of this book are so powerful and enjoyable, I can only hope this turns out to be the start of a new series.

If you want more information about Paul Kemprecos or his books, you can find it at his web site:  His author page on offers an extensive list of his work, and you can find him on Facebook here.

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