The Crypt of Dracula by Kane Gilmour

cyrpt_dracula_iconEvery once in a while I come across a book that is pure genre fun.  Being a big fan of classic monster movies, I’ve been disappointed at the way vampire fiction has devolved in recent years.  The target audience appears to have shifted and with it the content and quality of the fiction has degraded.  Whatever happened to classic vampire fiction?  I want the really old school stuff like Bram Stoker’s original novel, Dracula— or the low budget Hammer Horror films.  The current trend in vampire fiction is enough to turn me off the topic altogether.

If you’ve been feeling like I have, there’s great news!  Kane Gilmour’s, The Crypt of Dracula, is a novela that is just what we’ve been waiting for.  It’s the tried and true vampire story that gets your heart pounding and once again brings life to the things that go bump in the night.  This is the kind of story Bram Stoker would write if he were still alive and kicking.  Very much in the same vein (sorry, it had to be done) as Stoker’s original Dracula tale, this is a period story which takes place in Transylvania.  A grieving stone mason is hired by a mysterious Count to repair his damaged and neglected castle located outside a remote village populated by troubled, xenophobic farmers who have come to fear the night.

I think you can see where this is headed.  The story is true to vampire lore in the classic sense.  It goes back to a time when vampires were evil and horrifying; when the concept of a vampire wasn’t commonly understood by all who farmed the land.  A time when people were superstitious and fearful, suspicious and vengeful.

In short, this is a classic vampire story that does the lore justice just as it does Bram’s Stoker’s original vision proud.  Can Kane Gilmour fix everything that’s wrong with vampire fiction in its current form?  Sadly, no.  But with more books like this, old school vampire fans like myself might yet live to see another sunrise.

You can find The Crypt of Dracula on in ebook and trade paperback formats.  And you can find more information on Kane’s other novels at  You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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