Testing Flash Video & Christmas 2K

Here’s a video my wife and I shot while decorating the Christmas tree back in December of 2000.  I was just learning Final Cut Pro at the time, and it seemed like a good reason to have some fun with the camcorder.

I have been meaning to post the footage for a while.  Since I was playing with Macromedia Flash Pro 8 earlier this week, I thought this was a good time to test out the new Flash video codec that came with it.

Once Flash Pro 8 is installed, a new codec is available in Final Cut Pro and QuickTime Pro.  It allows for the export of video directly into the Flash Video Format.  Then, just use Dreamweaver to embed the video file into a web page.

For some reason I am not able to get IIS to serve the flash video pages correctly.  Once I placed the video file on a Linux box off site, the video loaded without a hitch.  Yet another grudge I have against Microsoft, and yet another reason to get my site running on OS X Server.  Also, keep in mind that only the Pro version of Flash 8 ships with the video codec.  It was one of the features kept out of the Standard Edition.

I have always been a fan of QuickTime and its use on the web.  But Flash does offer some advantages.  Installing QuickTime is sometimes beyond the grasp of novice users, and most browsers ship with Flash support.  And, embedding Flash video in a web page can make it harder for people to swipe video files.  This is a major concern for some.


For me, Flash video is just another codec and it is certainly worth evaluating for the web site.  Try it out and feel free to leave comments below!  At this point, I am still on the fence.


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