Tesla Battery Life After 300,000 Miles

One of my long standing questions about Tesla’s cars has been about battery longevity.  Specifically, what kind of wear and tear results on the batteries if you charge them frequently.  Lithium ion batteries are not supposed to suffer from memory effect, but we all know that charging and discharging them on a daily basis takes a toll.  Phones and laptops show that no battery is immune.

So how is a thousand pound lithium ion battery going to work out over 100k or more miles?  No one is going to run that thing down to near zero.  You don’t dare.  Not when the consequence is being stranded far from home with no alternative than a flatbed tow back home.

This post finally gives some interesting insight.  I’m not sure I have full confidence in the figures around the compared maintenance costs… that said, the info about battery life and wear and tear are insightful.

When TechCrunch inquired about the eHawk, after it hit 200,000 miles, Tesloop said the Model S only lost about 6 percent—despite receiving a full charge every day.

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