Teleport Gets an Update

Teleport is a simply and powerful remote control solution for the Macintosh.  KVM’s are typically hardware devices that let users share a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor with multiple computers.  Teleport is a unique software solution the provides similar functionality.  Simply install Teleport on the necessary Mac systems and one keyboard and mouse gain the ability to control multiple computers.

How It Works:
Install the Teleport preference pane on the necessary Mac systems.  One computer becomes the control console for the other systems.  The control system is the one that has the mouse and keyboard physically attached to it.  The other computers don’t need their own mouse or keyboard because the control system’s mouse and keyboard motion and tracking data are transferred to the remote system via the network (wired or wireless).

There is a catch.  The remote computers need to have their own monitors.  Teleport only sends the keyboard and mouse data over the network— not the video.  As long as the remote machine has its own display (which is the case with Apple’s iMac), Teleport becomes a great solution to control multiple machines.

This week Teleport was updated to Preview Release 4.  A number of new features were added that substantially improve the product.  For example, all data passed between the computers (keystrokes and mouse movements) is encrypted.  And, while it was previously possible to seamlessly transfer clipboard data between systems, it is now possible to seamlessly drag & drop files.  And now, if the remote computer is sleeping, Teleport has the ability to wake it up from the control console.  On top of all of this, the software’s GUI has been improved and the software has become as easy to use as it is powerful.

Download Teleport PR4 here and try it for yourself.  Teleport is donation ware.  If you like the software, drop by the author’s site and make a donation.


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  1. Dean McGearey Reply

    This is awesome for anyone who needs to control multiple machines but only wants the “clutter” of one keyboard on their desk.

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