Super Bowl XL Commercials for Download

Google’s video site has finally done something useful.  Google is currently hosting all of the commercials from the Super Bowl.

Commercials that air during the Super Bowl tend to be the cream of the crop.  Since they run in the most expensive time slots available to the industry, they tend to push the envelope and really draw people in.  Many of these commercials use humor to get people’s attention.  That is what makes these television ads fun for me.

Check out the Super Bowl page on Google.  It currently lists 42 commercials.  Some are exception and some are not.  Spend a few minutes and judge for yourself.

Update: 2/6/06 1:15pm
Some of the commercials can be downloaded and saved on the Mac.  In my case, when I saved them, they did not play well in QuickTime.  I originally thought it was a problem with the files Google was hosting.  Then I realized it was the Divx codec I was using in QuickTime.  First I downloaded and installed the 3ivx codec and then downloaded the Divx Doctor 2.  Divx Doctor corrects issues in the Divx files that keep them from playing well on a Mac.  Once I ran the downloaded files through Divx Doctor 2, they played perfectly.

Not all Divx files need to be run through Divx Doctor before they will play.  Google’s video files do!  :-)


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