Steve Jobs: The Biography (42 weeks and counting)

The Steve Jobs biography has been on the New York Times best seller list since its release.  As of today, that’s 22 weeks and counting!  Though it has recently dropped to number 5 on the list, this is an amazing achievement.  The book was authored by Walter Isaacson, and by his own admission (and detailed early on in the book), he was very reluctant to write the biography and put off Jobs requests for some time.

There have been numerous reviews of the book.  Some calling it an amazing look behind the scenes of Silicon Valley.  Others claim that the story would have been better told by a writer more technically savvy.  But despite the criticism and the praise no one can debate that the timing of the biographies release was nothing short of Steve’s standard for exemplary showmanship.  Plus the book is packed with drama detailing the turmoil of Jobs very private life.

All of that aside, 22 weeks on the best seller list and still counting?  Outstanding!

Update: 5/14/12 @ 10:02am
As of today, the Steve Jobs book remains on the best seller list at #14.  This 28 consecutive weeks and counting.

Update: 7/27/12 @ 4:45pm
As of today, the book has remained on the list for 39 consecutive weeks and has also climbed back #3 on the combined print & e-book nonfiction list.  It has moved to #6 on the stardard hardcover nonfiction list. This book has amazing staying power!!!

Update: 8/28/12 @ 9:15am
Talk about staying power.  The book has yet to leave the list.  We are at 42 consecutive weeks and counting.  Current position: #9.

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  1. Frank Reply

    Steve Jobs was certainly a very isttreneing and driven man. Reading his book, I really get a sense of how troubled he was by his own demons, which led to his drive to succeed at all costs. He was a great leader, but suffered the same foibles as many great historical leaders.

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