Steve Jobs and the Darkside of Apple

Apple fans have heard stories about Steve Jobs.  The press sees him as a visionary.  Some employees at Apple see him as a tyrant.  What made Jobs decide to abandon the PowerPC architecture in favor of an Intel based solution?  This video, posted to, suggests one possible explanation.


You decide!


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3 Responses to Steve Jobs and the Darkside of Apple
  1. ?? Reply

    I’ve never seen that Star Wars. I only saw the newer ones. But still that’s pretty funny…although I’m glad Jobs didn’t kill my PPC that I’m using right now to type this message.

  2. Sally H Reply

    My cousin and I made it. Just a funny idea we had. He sold us out, and that’s a fact :(.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Apple switched over to Intel processors because it made sense business-wise. I don’t understand the mentality behind Apple geeks who think that Steve Jobs sold everybody out; it was a good move, and as you can see, it’s brought a lot of great things to the Mac line.

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