Refuge Omnibus Edition by Jeremy Bishop and Friends

refuge-omnibus-big-by-jeremy-bishopRefuge was a five book serialize release from Jeremy Bishop and a host of additional talented authors that is now available in an omnibus edition.  If you tuned in to the series as it was released on a weekly basis, you could buy the books as they were released.  But now that the five book series is complete, the omnibus version is available.  It contains the complete series in a single book, and at a reduced price.

Each book in the series was co-authored by Jeremy Bishop and another author.  Each guest is a talented and accomplished author in their own right, so the tag-team effort insures that each book is nothing short of spectacular.  Book one is written by Jeremy Bishop and Jeremy Robinson.  Fans of Robinson’s work will recognize Jeremy Bishop as the pen name that Robinson reserves for his horror work.  His collaboration with his alter ego is as fun as the book is chilling.  With book 2, Bishop teams up with Daniel S. Boucher.  Book 3 pairs Bishop with Robert Swartwood who wrote The Serial Killer’s Wife and The Calling, among numerous other thrillers.  Book 4 teamed Bishop with David McAfee of 33 A.D. and 61 A.D. fame.  And book 5 concludes the series by pairing Bishop with Kane Gilmour, author of ResurrectThe Crypt of Dracula, as well as co-author of several of the Jack Sigler books.

So what is Refuge all about?  Since it’s serialized, it’s very much like a TV show in that each of the 5 books is an individual, freestanding episode.  With that in mind this analogy might be most fitting.  Basically, if you put Haven and Eureka in a blender with Lost and hit the torment button, you get this book.  Refuge is a small New England town that suffers a horrible unnatural disaster.  The story follows the residents of Refuge as they struggle to understand what’s happened to their town even while they struggle for survival.  It’s a thrilling and chilling serialized tale that is as fascinating as it is creative.

And rumor has it that if fans really enjoy Refuge, parts 1-5, this will become Season 1 with more to follow.  So, if you like the book (or books, depending on how you read the series), leave feedback where you bought the book(s).  Every vote counts.  If there is enough demand, I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the last from the residents of Refuge!

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