QuickTime 7: New Features Explained

A friend just send me a link to a tech paper that details the new features of QuickTime 7.  It explains the differences between QuickTime and QuickTime Pro and explains what new features developers might take interest in.

One interesting note is on concurrent exporting.  Apparently, it is now possible to export multiple video clips at the same time.  I can’t see this being fast, but it should be helpful should I need to leave my machine processing when I leave for the day.  This way, I could potentially let the machine work through the night on exports that normally take hours.

It is also now very easy to capture a video directly into QuickTime, should you have a camera attached to your computer.  This could help make video email messages more mainstream (it will likely take more than this).

Also of interest is the addition of multiple undos in QuickTime 7.  This will be a welcome improvement for anyone who uses QuickTime Player to edit a video in any way!

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