Pulse, by Jeremy Robinson

pulse-iconPulse was my second experience with Jeremy Robinson’s writing.  An excerpt from Pulse was placed at the end of Kronos, and that alone was enough to send me scurrying online order Pulse.  And to put it plainly, it was not a disappointment.  Pulse is a wild adventure that spans the globe as it takes the reader on a journey through genetic manipulation and Greek mythology.

The novel centers around a Delta Force squad whose team leader inadvertently stumbles upon a series of mutated creatures while helping secure an archeological dig site.  The elite Delta troop is known as the Chess Team.  The team leader, King, calls in the rest of the Chess Team as they follow a trail that leads them to the multi-national corporation known as Manifold.

Manifold’s research centers around biological regeneration and is based on the ancient Greek myth of the Hydra.  The Hydra is believed to have had the ability to regenerate damage done to its physical form.  And using an artifact recovered from King’s archeological dig, Manifold begins releasing unnatural terrors upon the world as it works toward the immortality that would result from a human with such regenerative capabilities.

The book was a completely enjoyable thrill ride.  The story has the makings of a mid-summer action blockbuster movie mixing action, adventure, mythology, and science fiction into a fast paced page turner.  But more that just creating a great story centering on a chain of events, Pulse is a perfect example of character based writing.  The Chess Team is comprised of characters the reader can really grow to care about.  Robinson’s writing lets the reader invest themselves in the characters continued success and well being.  The villains of the story are equally compelling as the reader really gets a sense for what is driving them.

I really can’t speak highly enough about the experience this novel provided.  I was captivated from start to finish.  And at the end, I handed the book to my wife to read and went off to mark my calendar for the release of the second Chess Team book, Instinct, due out April 13th.  Pulse succeeded in creating a cast of characters that will fuel the series well into the future.  I believe this book is the launch of what will come to be a truly great adventure series.

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