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Back in my days of working pre-press, Print on Demand was a big concern in the industry.  It threatened to shake up the way the entire industry operated.  And, while new technologies promised such ease of use, they seldom lived up to their ultimate goal. is an on demand print publishing service that finally offers the type of service that was promised back in the mid 90’s.  Do you have a book that you want published, but no one is willing to sign you?  Why not publish it yourself with Lulu?

Lulu makes it simple.  You submit your book and they print it, on demand, every time someone places an order.  There is no minimum order and no upfront investment.  If your book never sells, then it costs you nothing.  Lulu lets you set the price of your book.  Simply specify your own markup on top of what Lulu charges to print it, and you are all set.  Lulu will even make your book available in the Lulu online store.

But what about getting Amazon or Barnes & Noble to offer your book?  You want your book in the online stores that readers most frequent, don’t you?  Not a problem.  Lulu works with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others to get your work offered through their online stores.  This is an extra charge ($34.95), but it covers the ISBN fee for your book and gets it listed in the Books in Print database.  If you chose not to pay for the Basic Distribution Service, you can still sell your book though Lulu’s online store.

Once your book is published on, each time an order is placed, the book is printed and shipped by Lulu.  All you do is collect the royalties.  For better or worse, Lulu makes it easy for anyone to self publish!


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