Predictive Text in Apple Mail 3.0

I was writing an email early this morning and made a mistake.  In the middle of typing a word I accidentally struck the Command+. keys (Apple+Period).  To my surprise, Apple Mail displayed a drop down list of possible completions for the word I had half entered.

At first I thought the feature was a novel idea.  But the more I considered it, the more I gained a genuine respect for what the feature represented.  For someone in some way keyboard challenged, this could represent a very efficient way to enter text (at least the larger and more complicated words).  For someone spelling impaired, the feature could be a powerful way to reference possible spellings without waiting for the spellcheck to call their bluff.

I’m actually not sure if this is a new feature in Mail 3.0, or if it was present in 2.0.  Either way, I found it by mistake and thought it a feature worthy of sharing.  Predictive text has revolutionized the way we send SMS message via cell phones.  I doubt it will make such a big splash in the desktop space, but after toying with the feature for a few minutes I think it could be a welcome feature to many word processing applications.

If you’ve already installed Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), give it a shot.  If you’ve still got 10.4 running, post comment and let me know if the feature existed in Mail 2.0.


UPDATE: 11/8/07 8:07am
It looks like TextEdit 1.5 has the same functionality.


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5 Responses to Predictive Text in Apple Mail 3.0
  1. Anonymous Reply

    Brilliant! Thanks for the tip :)


  2. Anonymous Reply

    Was present in 10.4 in a number of applications, not particularly useful in it’s current form though.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    forget APPLE+.

    just use ESC … :O)

  4. susan Reply

    I don’t like it at all, because I frequently use abbreviations and foreign words, and it auto-“corrects” them. Can I turn this feature off??

  5. smanke Reply


    There is a way to disable this, at least as of OS X 10.7. I’m not sure about earlier versions of the OS.

    Open the Language & Text from System Preferences under the Apple menu. Click on the Text tab and look for a check box called Correct Spelling Automatically. Disable that and you should be free of the issue!

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