Podcasting with Video

One of the great things about Apple technology is that you don’t normally need to read about something in order to learn how to use it.  Apple software just seems to work the way you would expect.

For example, I have read that it is now possible to store QuickTime and PDF files inside of iPhoto.  And now, with the release of iTunes 4.9, I had an idea.  I went to the Podcast playlist section of iTunes and looked at the list of Podcasts that I currently subscribe to.  I then went to a web site that offers a video version of a Podcast, Command-N.  Since they place their video feeds in an RSS feed,  I loaded the RSS link from the bottom of the page and drug the link into the Podcast list of iTunes.

iTunes instantly created a new subscription based on the RSS feed and started downloading the latest episode (based on my iTunes prefs that are set to only keep the latest release of each Podcast).  Once the cast was finished downloading, I was able to play it in the album art window of iTunes.  When I click on the small window, a larger window opened and showed the video at a higher resolution.

This is a very cool concept.  iTunes worked exactly how I had hoped.  Not only does it have the ability to handle subscriptions to my audio Podcasts, but it will do video as well.

Since I have not seen this feature discussed yet, I can only hope that it will become common knowledge in the near future.  I look forward to seeing other cool Videocasts (or Video Blogs) such as Systm released in this format.  Apple is poised to do for Videocasts what it has already done for Podcasting.  It puts the content right there when I want it.  Now we just need a version of the iPod the supports video!


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