Podcasting Becoming Mainstream?

Podcasting: the method of publishing a radio like program via the internet.  Essentially, it is a radio program recorded to MP3 format and distributed via the web and RSS to listeners around the world.  The listener simply downloads the Podcast and plays it at their leisure.  Some people refer to it as Tivo for radio, but that is really only because no one really understands that it is its own entity entirely.

Admittedly, I am new to Podcasting.  But so far, I am enjoying the format.  It takes its name from Apple’s iPod.  The original theory was the people would download a Podcast and shoot it directly into their iPod.  From there, they could listen to it at their leisure.  But that format has already evolved into something more far reaching.  For example, a growing number of listeners simply play the Podcasts on their computer using MP3 players like iTunes.  Others use home media options like Elgoto’s eyeHome Apple’s AirTunes (via the Airport Express) to move the Podcasts to their home stereos.

But what good is a Podcast if there is no interesting content?  Much to my surprise, the web is rich with content even now.  Sites like Feedburner already track Pocasts and make it easier for listeners to tune into their favorite shows.  This story from PlaylistMac.com does a great job of further describing the Podcast movement in detail.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s iTunes  will support Podcasting in its upcoming release.  That may be just what it takes for Podcasting to become the next big thing.  Given the user base of iTunes and the popularity of the iPod, Apple’s upgrade should make it easier than ever before subscribe to Podcast feeds.


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