Picasa Exporter for iPhoto

Google photo software, Picasa, is hands down the best photo album software for Windows.  In many ways, it’s the Windows equivalent of Apple’s iPhoto.  But when Google released its beta of the Picasa Web Albums service last month, it left Mac users out in the cold.  Picasa is only for Windows users, and only Picasa users could upload content to the web based photo site.  But today, that has finally changed.

Unfortunately Google has not released a Mac version of Picasa, but they it did the next best thing.  Google has released a beta of its Picasa plug-in for Apple’s iPhoto.  Once the plug-in is installed and an application has been placed in the computer’s Applications folder, iPhoto will have a new export option.  If the user already has a Gmail account, they already have a Picasa Web Album account.  When the Picasa export option is selected, the user simply enters their Gmail login and iPhoto has instant access to the web service.  Users can instantly create new albums on Picasa or add content to existing albums.

The Picasa export tool is powerful, and very easy to use.  It works with OS X 10.4 or later, and iPhoto 4, 5, and 6.  Picasa Web Album accounts are free, and offer 250MB of storage per user.  Download the iPhoto plug-in here, and try it out today!


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