Photoshop: The Rocky Road to Universal Binary

Scott Byer has posted to the Adobe’s blog in an effort to explain why it is taking so long to port Photoshop to Universal Binary.  He goes into detail as to why the transition from 68k code to the PowerPC processor was a much easier transition.  He also explains what it is about the switch to Intel that has caused Adobe problems.

According to Scott, Apple’s Xcode isn’t quite the development tool that Adobe needs.  He makes no actual complaints about Xcode, but only says that it is simply not yet mature enough to meet the requirements of Adobe.  And, as Photoshop is one of the most advanced applications to be released on any platform, his opinion should have merit.  He does explain that Apple has done a “amazing job” of playing catch-up, but Xcode is simply not yet a mature development environment for an application of Photoshop’s complexity.

While it would have been nice for Scott to go on record and give us a better idea of when Adobe will release the update, it is good to know that Adobe is taking the time to address the concerns of the Mac community.  We all want our software, and we want it now.  The unfortunate truth is that Adobe applications will not be updated to include native Intel Mac support until CS3 (Creative Suite 3) is released.  The latest reports put that some time near the end of 2006, or early 2007.  It could be a long wait.

Check out Scott’s post in its entirety here.


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