Parallels Desktop Clears Beta Stage

The powerful virtualization tool, Parallels Desktop has been officially released from beta.  Not so much a milestone for Apple’s transition to Intel processor based computers, this software’s release is certainly a red letter day for Mac power users.  Machines based on the Core Solo and Core Duo chips have proven themselves more powerful than the PowerPC chips that Apple had used in the past.  And thanks to emerging technologies, they have also proven themselves more flexible.

Hardware support for Virtualization was engineered into the Intel Core platform.  Though an odd name for the technology, it has already proven itself a powerful tool to Macintosh users.  Virtualization allows the computers processor to better divide up its processing resources to multiple virtual machines (operating environments).  And while Virtualization is possible without processor level instructional support, having the technology integrated at a processor level simply helps it work more efficiently.

Parallels Desktop is the first product released for the Mac OS that lets OS X run other operating systems as virtual machines.  The true flexibility is realized by users who might have need to run Windows XP, the latest beta of Windows Vista, or virtually any flavor of Linux.  Parallels Desktop allows Mac users to run any of these operating systems in a virtual machine right on top of the Mac OS.  There is no need to reboot and the Mac desktop is within easy reach at all times.

Parallels is still offering Parallels Desktop for Mac at a special discounted rate of $49.95.  That’s $30 off its retail price.  A trial version of the software is also available for anyone looking to test drive the software.  Users will still need access the actual installers for any desired operating system.  Parallels is only offering the virtual machine with witch users can run the OS of their choice.

Based on the development efforts Parallels has put into the beta releases of the product, there is a bright future in virtualization on the Mac.  Parallels released numerous beta updates to the software while the company worked hard to prepare for the products final releases.  Based on customer feedback in the web forum, the engineers where able to fine tune features and refine the product into a top notch Macintosh application.  Take the test drive today!


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