Microsoft: Trustworthy Computing?

A new worm is tearing through the internet this week.  Just as in the past, vulnerabilities in Microsoft based Windows operating systems are to blame.  This time it is a security issue found in Windows 2000.

Once again, we prepare to play the blame game.  It is true that Microsoft released a patch for this issue on August 9th with a rating of “critical.”  To those accustomed to Microsoft’s severity scale, it is also known as “grab your ankles.”  And if you check out this story from, you will understand why.

It is true that Microsoft released the patch earlier this month.  But Windows users are not among the most trusting in the world.  Many are simply not aware of updates such as this, until some time after their release.  Others are aware, but chose not to update immediately.  They often take the “wait and see” approach to system revisions.  These users are more concerned with the new patch messing up existing systems and want to see if others have issues before they update their networks.

One thing is certain… Apple will be cashing in on this story.  To date, there have been no major security issues with Apple’s OS X.  And with each new headline detailing issues of security, spyware, or mass infection, Microsoft stands to lose more users to the Mac OS.

There has never been a better time to switch platforms!


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