Make Firefox 4.0 Save Open Tabs When Quitting

I’m enjoying Firefox 4.0.  But the first issue to really frosted me was the loss of the ability to save open tabs when quitting.  In Firefox 3.x, it was possible to save open tabs and the restore them the next time the browser was opened.  I’m not sure why the feature is gone with the release of 4.0, but here’s an easy way to add it back.

  1. Enter this in the address bar of Firefox 4.0: about:config
  2. Click through the message warning you that its possible to really muck up the browser if you continue.  If you stick to changing this one setting there is nothing to worry about.
  3. Enter this string in the search field of the settings page: showQuitWarning
  4. Double click on the false statement at the end of the resulting line.  It will change to true.
That’s it!  Close out of the settings and relaunch the browser.  Going forward, Firefox will act as 3.x did and ask if you want to save your open tabs when quitting.
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One Response to Make Firefox 4.0 Save Open Tabs When Quitting
  1. proesner Reply

    This is a great feature to have back in FF4! Especially when I work with so many tabs.

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