’s Blog: About Damn Time!

Well, we finally did it.  We finally added a blog to!

At first, it seemed like blogging was over done.  Everywhere you look, blogs are popping up.  At first I looked at blogs a something trivial.  It seemed like an ideal tool for someone who had little to no HTML experience.  Why would I want a blog if I could take an extra minute or two to put up an actual HTML page that provided exactly the info I wanted?

But the more I waited, the more blogging evolved.  The tools improved and in fact made it easy for just about anyone to publish a respectable looking web site.  More and more users were hopping on board, and blogging really picked up steam.

Then, the more I watched, the more I realized the blogs did more than just give the average person an opportunity to publish on the web.  Blogs had grown into a new and unique format for displaying information.  The new format made it more acceptable to publish smaller bits of information to the web.  Unlike feature length product reviews or stories, blog posts made it easier to keep a site alive with fresh and changing information… even when there was not time or cause for feature commentary.

So, with that in mind, we set out to add blogging to Maclive.  But, being the control freaks that we are, we couldn’t just grab an off-the-shelf blogging package.  It seemed like more fun to try and write our own software.

Tonight, I finally settled into the task and thought I would give it a shot.  What you see now, is the result of that work.  As far as the blog goes, it is pretty basic for now.  The core features are here.  Its really the backend, or admin pages, that are most impressive.  They are already fairly feature rich.

Now I will look at ways to improve the blog.  For starters, I want to add the ability for users to post comments back to blog entries.  And, the more I sit here, the more ideas come to me!

But, with that in mind, we add the feature to the web site, and look forward to adding new features in the coming weeks.  So many ideas for topics come to mind.  It the last 5 hours I have written my own blogging package, and now, with a click of my mouse, I post my first entry…


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2 Responses to’s Blog: About Damn Time!
  1. kSam Reply

    Cool!  Does that mean there will be more updates?
    I look forward to more stories!
  2. Anonymous Reply

    It”s about time!  :)

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