Releases RSS Screensaver

Taking advantage of our RSS feed, we have just released a new screen saver that takes advantage of OS X’s Quartz technology.  The screen saver displays the latest headlines as they appear on the web site.

Though very similar to the RSS screen saver that ships with the OS, this one puts our personal spin on the visuals with a series of customizations.  Please check it out!

In order to install the screen saver, simply place it in the /Library/Screen Savers to make it available to all users on the system.  If you want to install the screen saver for only the current user, go to your home folder and place it in Library/Screen Savers.  Once it is there, it will show up in the “Desktop & Screen Saver” preference pane.


Click here to download, and enjoy!

Be sure to checkout our Dashboard Widget.  It also displays the latest headlines from the site.


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