MacBook Pro: Up Close and Personal

The folks over at OWC took delivery of their first MacBook Pro today.  And like the bunch of Mac fanatics they are, the first thing they did was tear it apart!  Want to see the internal workings of Apple latest portable powerhouse?

Several sites have already posted photos of their shiny new MacBooks (still hate the name) and its new packing material.  But OWC would not be outdone.  They want to know how difficult it will be to install memory and hard drive upgrades.  And thanks to that desire, and Jamie’s spiffy new digital camera, we get an up close and personal look at the inner components of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Check out this photo archive.  It contains 19 shots, showing in great detail the new technology Apple has packed into the MacBook Pro.  Now, if we only had some benchmarks…


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