Let RSS Bring the Latest News to You with NewsFire

RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, has been making a lot of headlines lately.  The idea is simple.  News and information sites are constantly updating their pages with the latest news of the day.  Now, most sites generate an RSS feed that contains their most recent stories.  And since most major news sources now provide RSS based content, it is easier than ever to use a single application to aggregate the latest content into one easy to access location.

Applications that do this are commonly known as RSS Readers, or RSS Aggregators.  Traditionally, web surfers would hit the same news sites thought the day, in search of new headlines.  The RSS Reader does this work for you.  It checks each site at a specific interval and watches for new content.  As soon as a new post is found, it is added to the reader.  All of the latest news headlines are then available in one location for easy access.

Thanks to the popularity of RSS, RSS readers can be found just about anywhere.  There are several good web based solutions from Google.com, Bloglines.com, and Newsgator.com.  There are also widgets for both Mac and Windows that bring the headlines to you.  But some of the most powerful aggregators are standalone applications.

This is the case with NewsFire.  It is a Mac application that offers some advanced features that make browsing the latest headlines a more manageable process.  To start with, consider Grouping.  It is possible to group news feeds keeping them organized by topic.  For example, you can keep your technology news sites in one group while political news is grouped separately.

Smart Feeds are similar to Smart Playlists in Apple’s iTunes.  By setting different Smart Feed filters, you can further organize news by keyword or topic.  And, no matter how you organize your content, NewsFire’s Intelligent Search lets you find the information you need with a few keystrokes.

Additionally, the information in NewsFire is available via OS X’s Spotlight indexing tool.  And, if you are interested in podcasts, NewsFire supports that as well.  Listen to your favorite podcasts using the integrated player, or click a button and have the podcast transferred to iTunes where it can be played later.

Even though Apple only released its first Intel based Macs last week, NewsFire is already available as a Universal Binary.  This insures the application will run efficiently no matter what hardware you are using.

For all of its features, the application very easy to use.  Its refinement and simplicity might lead you to believe that Apple has writing the application.  This is not the case.  Visit newsfirerss.com to download a demo version and learn more about this great new application.  Why spend your time visiting every news site under the sun when you can have all of the latest headlines delivered to you by one application?


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2 Responses to Let RSS Bring the Latest News to You with NewsFire
  1. Eden Reply

    I just started using NewsFire over the weekend. WOW. Awesome app. I leave it on all day next to me at work. Best RSS reader I’ve found. Well worth the money.

  2. Drexder Reply

    I agree! Great application!

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