Kronos, by Jeremy Robinson

kronos-iconKronos was my first exposure to Jeremy Robinson’s work.  It introduces oceanographer, Atticus Young, an intelligent former Navy SEAL struggling with family issues.  His wife has recently passed away and his relationship with his daughter is not what he wants it to be.  In an effort to mend broken fences with his daughter, Atticus takes her diving off the coast of Maine.  A once in a lifetime dive to explore a pod of peaceful humpback whales turns out to be anything but expected.

Atticus and his daughter are nearly killed when the pod of whales suddenly stampede.  This leads to the shocking realization that there is an unknown super predator of the deep that even a humpback whale fears.  Though narrowly, Atticus escapes and becomes driven to hunt the newly discovered ocean predator.  In the process, his path crosses that of Trevor Manfred, an eccentric billionaire and a desire to claim the creature as a one in a life time prize.

Kronos is an adventure packed thrill ride that reminds me of the work of Clive Cussler.  Robinson spends as much time creating a powerful and dynamic hero and an equally devious and driven villain.  All the while riding a roller coaster of adventure than keeps the pages flying by.  And as Atticus Young hunts the creature he calls Kronos, he realizes that it may not be the first time this creature has hunted man.  An ancient and unexpected twist leads to shifts in the loyalty of the primary and secondary characters as they all struggle to come to grips with the secret of Kronos.

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