iWoz Available for Preorder

Amazon just made Steve Wozniak’s biography available for preorder.  Wozniak is not only credited for being a founding member of Apple Computer, but he is also considered to be the father of what we known as the personal computer.  And, while Amazon does not yet list the release date of the book, orders are now being taken.

Woz has been elevated to near iconic status in the personal computer industry.  Despite this, he has remained very down to earth and is widely considered to be a man of the people.  He routinely gives talks at computer conferences as well as for charitable organizations.  A self-confessed prankster, he has recently gained notoriety for his involvement is Segway polo.  As the name implies, polo matches are played while riding Segways.

Controversy over the book may yet ensue.  One news report stated that Steve Jobs, current head of Apple Computer, had originally agreed to write the forward to the book.  When the time came for Jobs to provide his content, he changed his mind and declined involvement.  As Jobs has been known for his somewhat tyrannical management style, it is possible that Woz’s new book will show Jobs in a less that angelic light.  Until the book actually ships, this is only speculation.

Click here to preorder this book from Amazon.com.


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