iTunes 4.9, Now With PodCast Support

As previously speculated, Apple released iTunes 4.9 yesterday morning.  Its main new feature was its support for PodCasts.

As most of the PodCast content providers had hoped, this new support in iTunes has done great things for the still fledgling technology.  Apple has done a great job of building a PodCast directory that is second to none.

The powerful new features built into iTunes make it easy to stay up to date with the latest releases of our favorite shows.  Once you subscribe to a PodCast, just set the preferences to suit your needs.  If you would like iTunes to check daily for a new PodCast, it is not a problem.  If you would like to save space in your hard drive and on your iPod, this is also an easy matter.  Just set iTunes to retain a set number of shows.  In my case, I only want to retain the most recent copy of a given cast.  Now, when a new episode is released, iTunes will automatically dump the last episode and download the new one.

While most computer users are still unfamiliar with PodCast technology, it seems certain to be a household word in coming weeks.  Industry specialists are already citing massive increases in PodCast traffic.

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