iTunes 4.9 Coming Soon

iTunes 4.9 is coming soon.  If the latest rumors posted on are accurate, Apple is almost ready to release the first version of iTunes to support PodCasting.  As mentioned previously in this blog, PodCasting has gain increased momentum in recent months, and with Apple joining the charge, the cult following only stands to become a new standard.

I have played with several PodCast aggregating clients, and while a couple of them are supposed to be very popular, I have been unimpressed.  It will likely be Apple that brings the technology to the forefront and makes its something that everyone can enjoy.

Checkout the latest story at for more info.


If you tune into This Week in Tech (TWiT), you may have heard Leo mention a big product rollout that he was invited to take part in next week.  He is vague, but he makes it very clear that he is referring to the iTunes update, specifically the new PodCast feature.

TWiT, for those who are unaware, is a new PodCast show that is comprised of former members of TechTV’s “The Screensavers.”  Following the switch to G4 network, the loss of much of the networks talent, and then the subsequent collapse of The Screensavers, the shows talent has moved the efforts into the online community where they appear to be prospering.  Check out the show.  It stands to be a staple of the new iTunes PodCast area.


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