iPhantom: Secure & Anonymous Internet Access

Here’s an interesting new security product designed with the average end-user in mind.  It’s called iPhantom, and if it lives up to its claims, it may be the single best way to keep a Windows based machine secure online.

The box is very small.  Simply plug it in between the computer and the cable modem / DSL Modem, and activate the device online.  Then the device acts as a unique type of proxy sending all internet traffic from your computer to iPhantom servers and then out to its intended destination.  Then, the return traffic passes back to your computer via the iPhantom proxy servers.

According to the literature I have read, this has many advantages.  First of all, all traffic between the iPhantom device and the iPhantom proxy servers is highly encrypted.  It also masks all of your traffic leaving the IP address of the iPhantom proxy server in the log files of any place you visit.  Your actual IP address is never recorded as it has been masked.

iPhantom also takes advantage of its ability to filter all of your traffic in order to provide active anti-virus and spyware protection.  Malicious files are filtered from your requests in real time.  And, best of all, this is all done in the iPhantom hardware which means that there is no software to install that might slow down your machine.  It also makes the device truly platform independent.

All of this happens seamlessly to the end user.  He, or she, sees the internet the same way they always have.  They are now just safer, and anonymous.

The device is currently prices at $69.95.  Keep in mind you will also need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.95.  This keeps you up to date with all of the latest virus definitions and such.

If you run a Windows machine and you are tired of dealing with viruses and spyware, just buy a Macintosh.  If a Mac is not in your budget, then this might just be the next best thing!  :-)

But, in all seriousness, regardless of your computer platform, the iPhantom offers a great deal of protection to all uses.  The $14.95 monthly charge seems a bit pricy to me, but it should be well worth the expense.

Read all about the iPhantom here.


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