Instinct by Jeremy Robinson

instinct_book_iconInstinct is book two in the Chess Team series by Jeremy Robinson.  And it was a book I read in a weekend because I found it nearly impossible to put down.  The action and suspense keep the pages flying by.  The story takes turn after turn as the team struggles with a mission that could alter the course of human evolution forever.

An assassination attempt is made on the President of the United States.  But its not the sort of attempt that a Secret Service Agent can throw himself on top of.  This plot is viral.  One of the viruses unique properties is that it only infects men, but does so at a genetic level.  And once infected, it is 100% fatal.  While the American government struggles to contain the contamination, and works to hide it from the American people, the Chess Team is sent to Vietnam’s Annamite mountain range to track down a cure.

Along the way, they discover the origin of the virus as well as who has weaponized it.  The team also discover an Anthropologist who has been lost in the jungles of Vietnam since 1995.  And while the Chess Team struggles to discover the cure, they find a lost race of savage creatures that may challenge man’s claim as the dominant species on the planet.

Instinct is a powerful followup to Pulse, the initial book in series.  This book is as exciting as it is creative.  The Chess Team characters grow and evolve as Robinson does a masterful job of adding depth to each team member as they each face personal challenges.  The conclusion of the book is satisfying and complete but sets up a story that will launch directly into book three, already in the works.

Readers interested in action, suspense, and credible sci-fi will find all of it and more in the Chess Team series.

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