Installing and Running ColdFusion 7.01 on a Mac

Installing ColdFusion on OS X:

Since support for the Mac is new in ColdFusion 7.01, start by downloading the demo installer from  It is the Enterprise version and will run with all Enterprise features intact for 30 days.

If you have ever installed ColdFusion on another platform, you can relax.  Installing on a Mac is just as easy as one would hope.  It’s noting like install on Linux.  The Mac has a simple installer application that makes the process a snap.  Just run the installer and answer the few questions it asks.

And, if you already own ColdFusion 7 for another platform, you will be happy to know that you can simply enter your serial number into the Mac version and you will be free from the 30 day trial.  If your serial is the Standard edition, you will simply lose the Enterprise features that were active in trial mode.  No need to reinstall.  Macromedia did a great job in the regard.

Post Installation:
Following installation I configured the ColdFusion Administrator in the same way that I have for every other server I have worked on.  The admin was fast and responsive and I had no of knowing the web pages were being served on a Mac, let alone a 550MHz G4 with only 512MB of memory!

After mapping my database in the admin, I would have been up and running.  My stumbling point was that my site requires Apache mod rewrite in order to function.  My rewrite rules were running fine on Windows 2003, but they didn’t work at all when I placed them in a .htaccess file on the Mac.  I did finally get that working, but I will save the details for a later post.

The Road Ahead:
Unfortunately, I have some more work to do before I can move to a Mac running ColdFusion.  At this point, I have the mod rewrite issue resolved but I still have to deal with the forum.  The forum has only been added to the site recently, so I have yet to use it for anything.  That being said, anything worth doing is worth doing right.  It is better to move the entire site at once.  My goal is to eliminate the Windows server entirely.

On top of that, I need to find a quality log analysis program for the Mac.  I have become accustomed to some of the nicer features found in SmartStats for Windows.  Finding an equivalent free solution could be tough.  SmartStats did a nice jobs of detailing the keywords that led people to my site.


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