Insomnia and Seven More Short Stories by Jeremy Robinson

insomnia_robinsonInsomnia is a collection of great short stories from the author of Pulse and Instinct, Jeremy Robinson.  As the title implies, there are 8 shorts in total.  Each story is followed by an editorial by the author explaining why he wrote the piece and detailing what he recalls from the experience.

Each story is interesting in its own right.  Robinson explores genera’s that he normally does not write in and explores writing in the first person.  For those who are already fans of his work, this is extremely interesting since it offers a glimpse behind Robinson’s other published works.  Its like getting a brief look into the creative process as a successful writer toys with new ideas and considers new ways to expand and perfect his writing style.

At this time, Insomnia is only available in e-book format.  The last year has shown a dramatic increase in the popularity of paperless publishing formats.  And while much of the reading community is still focused on traditional dead tree scrolls, I think the publication of this book is a great example of the benefits of this new technology.  Robinson was able to put together a compilation of his works from the last 10 or so years and make it readily available to the public for only a few dollars.  In addition, the format made it possible to publish this novel work at little or no cost to the author himself.  He was able to publish this work under his own label and bring something interesting and fun to readers that might never have had a chance to see this particular content if Robinson was constrained by traditional publishing techniques.

The book contains these short stories:

INSOMNIA – In a world of super efficiency and equality, sleep is illegal and Feene keeps the masses going.

THE EATER – Three children discover a writhing black puddle in the woods of New Hampshire.

HARDEN’S TREE – A group of teens visit a tree planted atop the ashes of a mass murderer from late 1800’s.

STAR CROSSED KILLERS – Two lovers, both deadly killers, compete for the same target.

COUNTING SHEEP – A future terrorist gives an insomniac three minutes to fall asleep.

HEARING AID – In the future, a deaf man is healed, but does he like what he hears?

DARK SEED OF THE MOON – Vampires live, and kill, in the eternal shadow of the moon’s polar crater.

BOUGHT AND PAID FOR (Bonus Story) – A brutal character sketch for Scott Sigler’s THE CRYPT.

The selection covers adventure, horror, sci-fi, and even romance and noire genera’s.  Author’s notes following each story explain the personal motivations behind each piece.  This adds a great personal touch to the collection making it feel less like a series of disparate works and ties it all into a single work of fiction that speaks a great deal about the author himself.

Get Insomnia and Seven More Short Stories by Jeremy Robinson direct from Amazon.  Read more about Jeremy Robinson at his web site:  If you’re not familiar with his two latest books, Pulse and Instinct, take a look at them here.  I am a big fan of these latest works, as well as his past novels including Kronos, Antarktos Rising, The Last Hunter, and Raising the Past.


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