Inside Apple History

For anyone who is interested in the history of Apple Computer, The Pirates of Silicon Valley gives an interesting look back at the history.  In celebration of Apple’s 30th anniversary, the popular technology podcast TWiT, or This Week In Tech this week was paneled by early Apple employees Bill Fernandez, Andy Hertzfeld, Daniel Kottke, Randy Wigginton, and Steve Wozniak.

While The Pirates of Silicon Valley was an entertaining movie, this podcast provides a more personal and introspective look back at Apple’s early days.  The members of the panel discuss their motivations and how they came to be involved with Apple.  This weeks episode of TWiT is a must hear episode for anyone interested in an insiders perspective detailing one of the single most innovative computer companies in history.

Checkout more more information on the podcast.  If you would like to download the episode directly, click here.  If you would like to download the episode via BitTorrent, click here.


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