Indisputable Proof by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly

indisuptable-proof-iconEvery once in a while a reader is lucky enough to find a book that grabs them out of nowhere.  It maybe subject matter that is not normally in the readers wheelhouse or it might be a writer that one has simply never heard of.  Taking a chance on a book, you give it a go and when finished, there is no way to imagine you were unfamiliar with the author or ever had any reservations concerning the subject matter.  For a reader to find a book that strikes an almost magical cord by bringing together plot and character elements that make for a riveting read is the most rewarding of experiences.  Each of these was the case when I read Indisputable Proof by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly.

Indisputable Proof starts with the theft of the Sudarium of Oviedo, the cloth that covered the face of Jesus while upon the cross.  The Sudarium’s theft is initially hidden from the public by the Church and the Spanish Government at the advisement of the CIA.  But time is running out.  The Feast of the Cross is only days away, a time honored tradition when the Sudarium is displayed to the pias masses.  Now CIA agent Samuel Tolen, Spanish Inspector Pascal Diaz, and British archaeologist Dr. Jade Mollur are in a race against time to locate and return the Sudarium to the church before the start of the Feast of the Cross.  Should they fail, a religious extremist group has vowed revenge against the CIA and the United States as a whole.

What results is a fast paced, beautifully crafted thrill-ride for the reader.  The details of the story and the evolving plot are crafted with precision.  The characters and credible and believable adding to the suspense as the reader becomes more invested in the key players over time.  And through all of this, the creative twists that take place throughout make the book incredibly difficult to put down.

Like many international thrillers, this story takes place at exotic locations spanning the globe.  But unlike many, the historical significance of these locations is key to the plot, the back story, and even the final resolution of the tale.  Possibly one of the most enjoyable aspects of this book was the ultimate payoff at the end.  The authors really nailed that.  Right down to the final pages of the last chapter, the reader is learning new information that gives reason to possibly reconsider the significance of all that has led to the final resolution.

It can be hard to summarize such a complete story without giving away the details and ruining the fun.  Is it enough to say that there is action, suspense, intrigue, and more than a little well crafted historical religious reference?  Maybe it is better to explain that the story doesn’t leave the reader hanging, makes good on the questions posed along the way, and is nothing short of a fun and fulfilling read.  No matter how I try to describe it, I believe this book was time very well spent!

You can find Indisputable Proof on here, and you can find more information about its authors Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly here, checkout their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter: @WilliamsKnerly.

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