Hamachi: Peer to Peer VPN Connections

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are the safest way to connect computers or computer networks over the internet.  Once a VPN connection is established, the data between the systems on either side of the VPN tunnel exchange data that has been wrapped in encryption.  This prevents evil doers from accessing the data while it’s in transit.

Unfortunately, while VPNs are an extremely secure way to connect computers, configuring the VPN connection often borders on rocket science.  The routing, IP protocols, and assortment of encryption options often keep even the advanced computer users needlessly spinning their wheels for days.  In many cases, people simply give up on the concept of security and fall back to more conventional and much less secure means of transferring data.

In a previous post on this site, I detailed how to configure the VPN service built-in to OS X Server.  The article explained how to configure the VPN server so that remote clients (telecommuters or portable computer users) could access a secure LAN over the internet using a VPN client.  And while the story was very well received, it became obvious that I wasn’t the only one stumbling to get a VPN server working correctly.

A conventional VPN connects a remote user to a secure network, be it home or corporate.  Once the VPN connection is in place, all data between the remote client and the VPN server is wrapped in a tunnel of encryption.  It’s impervious to anyone trying to eavesdrop as the data is transmitted over the internet.  This is what makes it a virtual private network.  The VPN allows the remote user access to all of the network resources of the home or corporate network as if the remote user where plugged into a network port right on the LAN.

Several problems plague people trying to setup a VPN server.  First, firewall rules must be set to allow communication between the remote user and the VPN server.  This is very often much easier said than done.  Next, there is the unyielding configuration of the VPN server and its clients.  Additionally the remote user can be at the mercy of NAT translation issues and the access controls set by the network providers at the remote user’s location.  In short, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

All of these issues left me thinking that there must be another way.  And, it turns out that there is.  Hamachi was design to resolve nearly all of these issues.

What is Hamachi?
Simply put, Hamachi is a peer to peer software VPN solution.  It is very easy to install, easy to configure, and just as secure as a conventional VPN.  As far as its functionality, it really only differs from a conventional VPN connection on one simple way.  A typical VPN connection allows a remote user access to an entire network using the VPN server as a secure gateway to the network and its resources.  Instead, Hamachi establishes a point to point VPN tunnel connecting two (or more) computers.  The two computers then have full and complete communication with each other via the tunnel, but neither acts as a gateway to the LAN on either side of the connection.  The VPN tunnel is considered to be peer to peer.

What makes Hamachi so revolutionary is that it is extremely easy to install, configure, and use.  Hamachi is a product of Applied Networking Inc. of Vancouver, Canada.  The goal was to create a secure VPN solution that used time tested industrial grade encryption and was still easy enough for anyone to use.

Hamachi’s early releases supported only Windows XP and Linux.  But even from the beginning, the developer intended a version for the Mac OS.  It took some time, but a beta version is finally available for OS X.  Unfortunately, the current version of Hamachi for Mac is run from the command line and is not very easy to use.  This was a big problem until a creative and unnamed mind over at hamachix.com took it upon himself to write a GUI for the Hamachi software.  With the graphical interface Hamachi finally become accessible to the average Mac user.

Installing and using Hamachi
To install Hamachi, just copy the application from the disk image to the Applications directory on the hard drive.  Upon first launch, Hamachi will check to see if the command line resources the HamachiX relies upon are installed.  If they are not, HamachiX will install them.

In order to use Hamachi, the computer must be a member of a virtual Hamachi network.  Users can either join an existing network, or a new network can be created at any time.  Since Hamachi networks are virtual, the network has no physical presence.  The networks exist only within Hamachi and are a means to separate users into secure groups.

To create a network, simply click the Add button in the HamachiX toolbar.  A case sensitive network name must be assigned to the network.  The same goes for a password.  Since this is all of the information other users will need in order to join the virtual network, it is important to choose a strong network password.  It might be more appropriate to think of the network password as a pass-phrase because a phrase is typically much more difficult to guess or crack.  The longer the word or phrase, the better.  It should be entered in mixed capitalization and include numbers, letters, and special characters.  And, it goes without saying that any password found in the dictionary is out of the question.  Finally, select the option to Create a Network.

Once the network is created, HamachiX automatically adds the client to that network.  Other users, or computers, will want to join the existing network.  To do this, simply click the Add button and enter the networks name and password (or phrase) exactly.  Both are case sensitive.  Then select the option to join a network.

Once more than one client is a member of the network, a list of network members will be listed under the Peers tab when the network name is selected.  If the computer is signed onto the network, a green light will appear beside the computers name and IP address.  Hamachi offers a great deal of flexibility in that computers can be members of more than one network at the same time.

The list of Hamachi peers shows who is active on the network at any given time.  If the remote computer has a green light beside it, it’s an active member of the VPN.  Just right click on the computer in the peer list and select a connection option from the contextual list of choices.  This list makes it easy to open up a file share or FTP connection with the remote computer provided they have the necessary services enabled.

Keep in mind that users are not limited to the 3 connection options shown in the contextual menu.  More can be added, and any networking that can be negotiated between two computers can also be done over a Hamachi connection.

Additionally, according to the Hamachi web site, Apple’s Bonjour protocol is also supposed to work over Hamachi.  This is interesting because Bonjour is designed to only broadcast over the computer’s local subnet.  In theory, this would allow people to share their music with friends, or listen to their home music collection from work.  Unfortunately, in my tests, I have been unable to get iTunes music sharing to work.  At this point, I’m not sure if there is a bug, or I’m doing something wrong.  As I understand it, Bonjour should just work once the Hamachi network is in place.  With luck, this is a bug and it will be resolved in an update release.

Hamachi really is a great VPN solution for the rest of us.  Once the software is installed on each computer, the encryption and security become transparent to the user.  And while other VPN solutions often have difficulty traversing NAT enabled networks, Hamachi makes short work of these typical trials and tribulations associated with Virtual Private Networks.

Since both Hamachi and HamachiX are still in an active beta stage, it’s wise to keep an eye out for updates.  For more information on how Hamachi works behind the scenes, be sure to checkout the support forums.  The developers at Applied Networking Inc. have been extremely forthcoming regarding the security protocols used in Hamachi.  And, for a security expert’s take on Hamachi, checkout the Security Now! podcast #18.  Steve Gibson does a great job of explaining how Hamachi works and why its an extremely secure and functional VPN solution.

Update: 6/29/06 7:55am
One of my primary goals in this story was to explain why Hamachi really is a great alternative.  Anyone who has tried to set up their own VPN server will appreciate the ease of use.  But for the rest of us, it is just a great solution for doing a few things that we haven’t been able to do before.  To that end, my second goal was to share iTunes and iPhoto libraries outside of the local network.

I made mention of this only briefly in my original post.  Since Hamachi’s VPN network joins computers as if the VPN is a separate local area network, it should be possible to share iTunes music using iTunes built-in sharing feature (which uses the zero configuration Bonjour protocol).  While I knew this should work as soon as Hamachi was installed, for some reason I simply couldn’t see other users music.  Last week I couldn’t see a remote share music library.  Last night I still had no luck.  This morning, when I sat down at my computer, I could see several remote music shares!

Why did Hamachi start working?  I’m still not sure.  My MacBook has 10.4.7 freshly installed, but my tower still has 10.4.6.  I’m still running the same version of Hamachi on all of the machines.  It’s just a mystery.

I invite everyone to leave comments below.  Is Hamachi letting you share iTunes and iPhoto libraries over Bonjour or is this hit and miss for everyone?  As of right now, I can play remotely hosted music with no noticeable delay.  Yet another reason to fall in love with Hamachi!

Update: 7/13/06 11:03pm
A new version of HamachiX has been released.  In includes the latest build of the Hamachi command line components.

Update: 7/14/06 11:40am

With either the update to 10.4.7, or iTunes 6.05, it looks like the Bonjour music sharing has stopped working.  Reinstalling tuntap support does appear to resolve the issue.

The Universal Binary tuntap installer can be downloaded here:

Thanks to all who helped resolve this issue!  Their comments are listed below.


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100 Responses to Hamachi: Peer to Peer VPN Connections
  1. EmiratesMac Reply

    Thanks for this! It’s great reading. I just found it literaly a few minutes after posting myself on Hamachi http://www.emiratesmac.com/home/p2_articleid/562.

  2. smanke Reply

    I just updated the above post. For some reason, iTunes music sharing just started to work.

  3. Cosimoto Reply

    I was able to use Hamachi/iTunes sharing until both machines were updated with 10.4.7. Now I can’t get it to work at all. Might have been iTunes 6.0.4 too. Are you experiencing the same thing or is it just me?

  4. EmiratesMac Reply

    Cosimoto: no Hamachi stopped working for me too when I upgraded to 10.4.7. I just reinstalled Tuntap and Hamachi and it works okay again.

  5. smanke Reply

    Looks like you guys are right. Most of the machines on my network are having the same issue.

    I’m thinking that reinstalling the underlying Hamachi components and reinstalling them will correct the issue, but I don’t have a practical way to test it.

    There are options to do this under the Help menu in System Support. Is that what you did, EmiratesMac?

  6. Cosimoto Reply

    Installing tuntap (I never installed it before, so it wasn’t a reinstall) fixed it for me too. Thanks for the help!

  7. nbmacman Reply

    Where do we find the seperate installer for tuntap?

  8. smanke Reply

    Has anyone found a universal binary version of tuntap? Or, has anyone getting iTunes sharing to work again using the non UB version on an Intel Mac?

    This is the only installer I have seen online so far:


    Cosimoto, EmiratesMac, what installer did you use?

  9. Cosimoto Reply

    I got it to work on my intel imac in a very weird way. I used that installer you mentioned, but i couldn’t get it work no matter what I did. Them just for the fun if it, I installed the windows version of Hamachi (I use Parallels) and WTF (!), the mac Hamachi started working! I have no idea why, but now it runs perfectly. And no, the windows version does not have to be running in order for the mac version to work. See, I told you it was weird.

  10. smanke Reply

    ahh… wow! that’s really odd!

    I’ll play with it and see if i can get it to work. Thanks!

  11. smanke Reply

    To All:

    Magnus sent me this link:


    That page contains this link to the Universal Binary tuntap installer:


  12. tdy Reply

    her is my hamachi netvork CS1.6Rulez password CS1.6Rulez

  13. Graham Reply

    Hey I got HamachiX installed but when i try add a netwrok or join on the add button is always greyed out. How do I fix that?

  14. smanke Reply


    That seems to be a bug in HamachiX. I recall hitting the same issue. I just hit the tab button a couple of times to toggle through the fields and the button just lit up.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Hmm, I installed the GUI version of HamachiX on the mac, installed Hamachi on my PC, and sharing my iTunes music appears to work like a charm! The Mac and PC are on two different networks and it’s not giving me any problems. I’m running OS X ver. 10.4.7, and iTunes ver. 6.0.5 (20) on both machines.

  16. bacnd Reply

    I can’t browser with Hamachi, please help me, thanks

  17. smanke Reply


    Can you be more specific? You can’t browse file shares, or iTunes?

  18. bacnd Reply

    Yes SMANKE

    I’m exactly do not browser or ping by Hamachi, I do many work so not right, help me please

  19. bacnd Reply

    not browse file share, when I ping to another PC, message are always show: Request timed out

  20. bacnd Reply

    I can’t see anything i need in this page. please help me about file share when i use Hamchi

  21. smanke Reply


    There was a day last week when there seemed to be a network wide outtage of Hamachi. I am wondering if you were using it at that time.

    Other than that, I had some small issues when I first installed the software. Everything seemed to work better following my first reboot.

    Are you still having issues?

  22. stephen Reply

    I have it working for iTunes, but how do you get it to share files from a PC to a Mac?

  23. smanke Reply


    If you have the file sharing setup on each of the machines, you’re already set. You just need to keep in mind that you need to use the Hamachi IP address in place of the normal IP in order for the traffic to move over the Hamachi VPN.

    If you want to access a Windows share from your Mac over Hamachi, you would select Connect to Server from the Finder’s Go menu (or type Apple+K in the Finder) and enter smb://5.x.x.x into the address field. (5.x.x.x being the Hamachi IP of the Windows box serving the file share.)

    If you want to access a Mac file share from Windows, make sure the Windows File Sharing services is enabled on the Mac and open the Run command from the Windows Start menu. In the Run field, type ‘\5.x.x.x’ into the box and hit enter. In this case, 5.x.x.x is the Hamachi IP of your Mac system. The Windows box should bring up a list of shares and printer available on Mac box.

  24. pari Reply

    im trying to access the pc from the mac, using OSX 10.4.8, don’t seem to work, i can’t login, or add any network.

    is there a problem if one has updated to 10.4.8?

  25. pari Reply

    ooops… my bad. i skipped the part with the tuntap… should be working now =)

  26. William Reply

    there is another program like Hamachi to used ???

  27. smanke Reply

    No other programs like Hamachi that I am aware of.

    HamachiX seems to be languishing. No revisions or improvements in far too long. I’ve been using the command line version more lately and have been much happier. I hope to put together a new post on that subject in the near future.

    If anyone knows of an alternative to Hamachi, please post a note. As far as I know, Hamachi is the first solution of its kind. I just wish it was as refined for the Mac as it is on Windows!

  28. mohaa59 Reply

    Hamachi was working in normal way but it stopped working with me ; when i try to ping some one in my netwok while the person is online it say request timed out although this person can ping me and see my file but i cant see his files but only i can chat with him

  29. smanke Reply

    Very strange. Does rebooting, or resetting the service correct the issue?

  30. be_uke Reply

    Do I need to do anything to my windows box or the mac for files to show up? For instance, I put \5.x.x.x (the Hamachi IP of the mac machine, into the Run command, but it is unable to find anything. Likewise, when I put in smb://5.x.x.x into the Mac, it is unable to connect, but I am able to share my iTunes library, so I know that Hamachi is working. What can I do? Thanks.

  31. smanke Reply

    That’s odd. Have you enabled Windows Sharing on the Mac? I just tested both ways on two of my machines. One is off site and firewalled. I was able to connect both ways.

    On the other side, some XP boxes sometimes need to have file sharing enabled.

    I know that sharing works both ways. If iTunes works, something else is blocking you. It could be the software firewall on either platform as well.

    Good luck!

  32. silkman Reply

    when i try to “browse” my 2nd pc at work a windows password screen appears. my hamachi password does not work for this. I can see my work pc on the network and it pings and i can send messages but i can’t browse my pc? file sharing is enabled. could this be a network/firewall at work problem?

  33. smanke Reply


    If you see a password prompt when you try to connect to the remote machine, its the remote machine that is asking for authentication at an OS level. Its not part of Hamachi. You will need to enter a valid username and password for the remote system at the prompt.

    Its the remote system that is keeping you our because it doesn’t like the username and password you have entered. Make sure the login you are using is valid on the machine and be sure that account has permission to access files remotely.

  34. V3ngance Reply

    For some reason I cant browse anyone on hamatchi and some of my friends cant either. But some other people on my hamatchi network can browse some others. Can someone help me?

  35. smanke Reply


    Sorry, you’ve got me stumped! Are you all running the latest version?

    Anyone else have an idea?

  36. V3ngance Reply

    I am runing the latest version.

  37. V3ngance Reply

    *and so is everyone else

  38. Geronimo Reply

    I just installed Hamachi for the second time on my machine, I downloaded the free version so I could transfer files from one PC to another like I used to.

    I created a network, and when I try to browse to the other PC a window pops up asking for a password to “connect to blablabla”. It is not the network password, thats not what it is asking for. I don’t know which password it wants. The window only pops up on the PC that I need to get the files to, browsing from the other PC works fine, but its useless because the files that I need are on that PC.

    Thanks for any help.

  39. smanke Reply


    It sounds like the password its asking for is the one used to login to the remote PC. Its not the network pass, but the remote computers pass.

  40. Geronimo Reply

    Yes, you’re right, don’t know why I couldn’t think of that earlier, it works fine now, thank you.

  41. zacanto Reply

    hi everybody,

    Do you know were I can find a keygen for hamachi because after 1 month software were basic and I don’t know what does it mean by basic?


  42. smanke Reply

    This explains the difference between basic and premium: http://www.hamachi.cc/compare.php

  43. LENGLENG21 Reply

    how can i install the hamachi?i realy need it for my ran private on line game pls. help me…thank you and more power

  44. Aruma Reply

    Hi , i’m a hamachi user (windows) and i can’t join or make a network would someone help me …

  45. odysseus Reply

    Hi all

    I’ve downloaded HamachiX 0.9 on my mac, and when ever I try to launch it, it will quit after a few seconds. A dialog pops up saying ‘the application hamachix quit unexpectedly and blah blah blah and doesn’t give a reason why it quit. I’ve tried the 4 latest versions and they all do the same.

    Please help, I need Hamachi to connect to a windows box.

  46. smanke Reply


    That’s odd. I’m betting you have a corruption somewhere. Try searching for a Hamachi pref file in both the system’s preference folder, and your user pref folder. Delete it if you find it, then try running HamachiX again.

    If that doesn’t do it, you might need to start looking through your system and see if the Hamachi command line portion of the app is only half installed. Try hitting the forum at Hamachi.cc and see if you can find a list of what files are placed on your drive when the software is installed. Then use that info to try and figure out if the app was only half installed.

    I’ve never seen an issue like this with Hamachi, but I’ve seen it with other apps in the past.

  47. abbie Reply

    hi there, i’m trying to get into the other pc but its asking for a password. i read above that the password shoudl be the one used to log in to the remote computer, however, there is no password in logging in the remote computer…

  48. smanke Reply


    I’m betting Windows is not allowing remote access because there is no password. Try adding a password to the account and see if it works after that.

  49. Anonymous Reply

    hi there a group of my friends and i used hamachi for ages but now we cant seem to connect is there are thing going on atm with hamachi? and why else eould this happen?

  50. Fez Reply

    How do I browse the computers connected on my Hamachi network?

    do I just go to run and type \ip_address or is there some thing else I need to do?

  51. smanke Reply


    That should do it. If you know the IP of the Hamachi client you want to connect to, that’s the easiest way to do it.

  52. Fez Reply


    Thanks for your response. I figured out what I was doing wrong.

    I had disabled the vulnerable windows applications during installation. That stopped me from browsing the folder on clients. I fixed from preferences now it works great!

  53. Vermouth Reply

    i have a question.. I want to play games with my friend using hamachi. I use hamachi x for mac and all my friend are using windows.. How can i connect to them? In my hamachi i can see them but they can’t see me and i can’t connect with them.. Wat should i do?

  54. smanke Reply

    Have you disabled the software firewall on your Mac?

  55. Vermouth Reply

    im sorry im new to mac.. Is disabling the firewall needed to be able to connect hamachi on? In my windows i know i need to.. But in mac is it required before turning on hamachi?

  56. inviz_ Reply

    Hey guys,

    I decided to set up my cousin with hamachi so we could share large files easily.

    I can browse, download, upload to and modify all the files in his shared documents folder, but he cannot even see mine.

    his machine produces the error, “the path 5.xxxxxxxxx does not exist.

    any insight gratefully recieved!

  57. smanke Reply

    Vermouth & inviz_

    In both cases I would start by disabling the firewalls.

  58. Anonymous Reply

    why i can’t connect to the server hamachin in online game

  59. Anonymous Reply

    i just installed hamachi and it shows that my peer is connected (green dot)but i cannot ping or browse i CAN ping myself and i used the loopback ( and it all checks fine but i cant do theirs

  60. Mohammed Reply


    i just download hamachi and i dont know what to do i wanna play online with other people it keeps and saying i am offline in hamachi it would be realy great if some 1 can help me out thanks alot

  61. LUKE Reply

    Smanke, I need you help I been trying to connect my two pcs using Hamachi but when I typed at the windows start , run on one pc the ip address on one 5.X.X.X it says network path is not found. The firewall on pc I typed in the ip has already been disabled.it stills doesnt work.

    P/s the itunes worked though on both pc

  62. max Reply

    when i open hamachi it brings these things up

    terminal and other shit.. can u help me?

  63. Ali Sahbana Reply

    Please, I like hamachi demo

    give me information in video

  64. smanke Reply

    Video… a great idea! I’ll see what we can do about that!

  65. zaxx Reply

    please help!

    when i try to browse files on my pc remotely using hamachi it asks me for user name and password. however, i don´t have any password on my pc and if i try to use login “admin” and empty password as i have set on my pc, it just doesn´t work. it says that i have used bad login or i have insuficient privilegies….

    can anyone help pls? tnx very much

  66. smanke Reply

    It should just be a matter of setting the permission on the file or the shared directory. Keep in my that if the volume is formatted NTFS, there are the NTFS permissions associated with the files and directories as well as the list of users that have access to the share from the shared folders properties.

    I also suspect that the OS is not allowing you to access the share because there is no password associated with the user account. The theory being that any one from anywhere could gain access to the data depending on your connection to the network and the internet at large. I would try adding a password to the account and see if that corrects the problem first.

    Good luck! Gotta love Windows!

  67. zaxx Reply

    tnx very much:} i have spent so much time with that. i dont believe i would get the idea of just setting the password. thx

  68. habor Reply

    how can i download game files is there a usergroup?or url

  69. stealth69 Reply

    hey guys um i had a simialar problem to graham above…

    um i installed harmachiX on my mac book i clicked the login button i then added a mates network seem to work he was there… then i had to restart as mac software updates (lots of them) now go back into harmachiX and networks still there and my m8 tells me that im not connect… and all the options are greyed out including the logout/log in button which is current saying logout. um i can delete the network and i cant modify anything except proxy settings. um i restalled( put in trash and searched my computer for hamarchi files) got ride of the stuck problem with the my mates network being stuck displayed but i still can do anything (i think im not loging into the root server why not??

  70. The-H Reply

    If you do find yourself with a password problem on Hamachi for PC, go to run, type CMD or command, it depends. Then a black box will appear. Type in: Net User, press enter. A list will show up. Type in the name of the Net User you want (most likely yourself). Example: Net User George. A list should show up with passwords and usernames. If not, you have a problem. I think Microsoft fixed this with versions Windows 2000 and above. :)

  71. for shiz Reply

    if my friends all play warcraft on pc’s and they have their hamachi, and i use a mac and download hamachi os x, will i be able to still play with them?

  72. smanke Reply

    Sure, the Mac and PC work on the same Hamachi networks. The only pain will be dealing with the Hamachi command line on the Mac. There is no GUI and that complicates things. But if you don’t mind and are comfortable with the command line, you’ll have no issues.

  73. Anonymous Reply

    For those of you who cannot ping or browse, simply right click on the the network name and click “go online”

  74. Anonymous Reply

    okay when i turn on hamachi everything is blank i cant do anything

    i can only switch settings and peers or whatever i cant put in username password nothing

  75. DuckofSparks Reply

    I am using hamachiX to try to play a game with TCP/IP over my hamachi network. The problem I am having, is that the game is using the IP that my home router is giving me, not my hamachi IP, so the other players cannot connect.

    I have been told i need to reorder my network port configurations to place hamachi at the top – but hamachi is not on the list, and I do not know how to configure it manually.

  76. I aint giving my name to a computer Reply

    My friends network is used to run a game. I cant connect to her or the game. I try pinging her and recieve the request timed out error over and over. It happens to other poeple.

  77. Paul Reply

    I need to create a VPN in order to stream tv from one country to another, e.g. using BBC IPlayer, which will only work with UK IP addresses, but I want to watch elsewhere on a laptop, using my desktop in London as a server. It’s not clear if Hamachi can do this, anyone know for sure? Thanks.

  78. Sjoerd Jan Reply

    I am using MacOS X 10.4.x Server as VPN server but I continue to get the following error in the log “DSAccessControl plugin: User ‘admin’ not authorized for access”. Same for other users.

    Any suggestions?


  79. redeemer Reply

    Hello guys, I have this problem with Hamachi.

    When I first start it, after a fresh boot on my macs, everything works flawless using Apple Bonjour Technology: screen sharing, file sharing, iTunes sharing, I also can see my mac on the Shared section in Finder windows (Leopard user here). No problem at all.

    The problems begin when I disconnect one of the 2 macs from the network and then reconnect it again. From the command line hamachi automatically reconnect the network, but the bonjour technology doesn’t work anymore. If I want to make a connection between the 2 macs, I have to manually connect them using the “Connect to server…” box. I have tried lots of workaround with no success: force restart Bonjour subsystem, force restart finder, restart of tuncfg and hamachi with no luck at all. The only thing I can do to bring everything working again is a full reboot of the mac that have been disconnected.

    Do you have any workaround for this? Is really a pain to reboot my system only to get hamachi working with bonjour again.

    Thanks a lot

  80. Anonymous Reply

    MY Hamachi network works perfect. I add two new computers. I can chat and ping but when i try to browse I get my own c drive

  81. Anonymous Reply

    Hey all

    I play football manager an awful lot and have used hamachix on my mac for ages in order to play network games with my friends. for the last few months we got out of the habit of playing because of exams and what not but yesterday i reopned my hamachi (after having not changed anything about it) after months of not using it, and now i doesnt work at all.

    Whether it’s installing the system components/trying to log into the root server or most other things, hamachi just locks up and i have to force quit it.

    I have tried reinstalling it and going back to old versions but literally nothing works. I cant get anywhere with it at all and have been spending hours trying to fix it.

    If anyone could help me that would be great because hamachix has been amazingly useful for me and i really want to get it working again. Please explain in the simplest of terms because i am by no means a computer whizz lol


    thanks in advance.


  82. Anonymous Reply

    Look at smanke’s comment from October. It works.

  83. Margus Reply


    I have a slight problem with Hamachi. When i try to browse the files on the other computer all I get is a password promt (most likely from the remote PC). If I enter either of the users’ password and name (well one has no pass, but the other does) it still just prompts the same thing again and i get nowhere. Might there be an issue with allowing network log-ons or something like that?

    I know that as both of the computers are running Windows (XP on remote and Vista Home Premium on local) this might be the wrong place to write, but it should work similarly and also I saw some posts regarding the same problem here (of which none were helpful for me).

    Pic of the prompt:


    Also it changes the login name I put in to *local PC name**remote username*

    Thanks in advance,


  84. Tyrese Reply


    When I put in the NetWork Name, and the Password, and click Join, NOTHING happens. I try clicking it about 10 or 20 times and it does not work at ALL. Any Suggestions?

  85. beatonheat Reply

    i’m tryin to use hamatchi, we set up a network for football manager. but it shows a warning symbol beside each username in the network and says vpn cant be configured, can somebody please help me????

  86. smanke Reply

    I’m sorry guys. I wish I could be of more help with the support on this right now. The new version of Hamachi is out and it is really cool. But I have only had a little time to play with it and have a lot to learn.

    It supports 3 different types of VPN connections now. And the Mac version is still beta.

    I did note that the trick with the 2.0 version is now not to use the network name when people joint it, but to use the network ID: its numeric ID as found in the web based Hamachi admin page for the network.

    Hamachi is getting more complicated to use, but it is getting 20x more powerful and I am very impressed by what I have seen so far!

    More to follow…

  87. Anonymous Reply


    Can someone connect to me using Hamachi2 for Pc? We’re trying to play an online game, he has PC and I am a Mac user.Thanks

  88. xAiMBoT Reply

    I have problems connecting to a server for a game. I have tried opening my firewall but it still has problems. Anyone know what to do?

  89. Kallekeek Reply

    I just bought a new imac i7 and installed LogMeIn Hamachi!!! I joined the network and they had to accept me and they did.

    So now i can see everything and everyone. But here´s the deal:

    when i try to browse one of the other connected guys, it doesnt work. The browse option is not even possible. its there but i cant use it!! and the ping gives me this requested time out!!

    can anyone help me how to activate browsing from my imac to the another computer in the network???

  90. smanke Reply


    That’s odd. I have the new MacBook Pro which has the same OS as your new iMac. I can see other Hamachi computers when I browse my network.

    Does everyone on the Hamachi LAN have the latest version of Hamachi installed? There were a lot of changes in Hamachi 2.x vs 1.x. That could make a big difference. For example, the other Mac users I am able to see on my Hamachi LAN are using the latest Hamachi build (not that there ever was a good Mac version when it was 1.x).

    Also check your Mac firewall and the firewall of the Mac you want to see over Hamachi. Either one could be getting in the way.

    When it comes to Hamachi 2.0, I have not had any issues with browsing other computers when selecting Connect to Server in the Finder, or looking at the Shared list at the left of every Finder window.

  91. smanke Reply

    To all,

    Its worth mentioning that if you are using the latest version of Hamachi for Mac, you don’t need the app listed above any more. They have finally released a Mac version with a GUI that works on the Mac… and it works well!

    Download it direct from the Hamachi site here:


    (That will bounce you over to LogMeIn who now owns Hamachi. Just be aware this is the correct site.)

  92. Kallekeek Reply


    thanks but here are the facts:

    – firewall is turned on but hamachi is on the list for allow all data

    – the other user of hamachi is a server with files i need to access, this server is on my list and it works just fine from the windows laptop i have as well

    – i tried a lot but i just can´t get the browse option available, it´s there but i can´t click on it

    and i have the newest version i just checked

    any ideas???

  93. smanke Reply


    It might be worth trying to disable the firewall entirely just for testing. Aside from that, I’m not sure.

    But there is always plan B. In the Hamachi list, you can make note of the IP address of the machine you want to connect to. It should be be 5.x.x.x. Just go to the connect window and enter the IP address and hit connect. You should either connect directly, or get the login prompt.

    Its not as seamless, but it does work just as well.

    And if you want, you can specify the connection method in the address. Such as afp://5.x.x.x or smb://5.x.x.x… depending on the protocol can the Hamachi IP of the box you are connecting to.

    Does that help?

  94. Kallekeek Reply


    firewall was off when i started trying it! it´s funny, i can´t browse anyone but they can browse me and what i allow them to see. Do you think that admin of the network i´m in can change somehow what i´m allowed to do and not??

    stupid questions, what do you mean with connect window?? :)

  95. smanke Reply


    Not stupid at all. None of this is well documented. This is how we all learn… and by doing it all online we help others who come by and read what we have been through.

    I don’t think admin right make a difference. But since you are not familiar with the connect window, this might be all you need to get connected.

    When you look at the Hamachi window you should see the remote computers name. Beside that name should be its IP address on the Hamachi network. Hamachi IP addresses always start with a 5 and follow a 5.x.x.x format. For example Make note of the IP of the machine you want to connect to. If for some reason the computers in your list don’t have the IP beside them, you need to go into the prefs of the Hamachi app and dig into the advanced settings until you find out where to turn that on… but I think the IP appears there by default.

    Anyway, once you know the Hamachi IP of the remote machine, all you have to do is select Connect to Server from the Go menu in the Finder of your Mac. It will have a Server Address field. That is where you enter the Hamachi IP address you made note of earlier.

    If you are connecting to a Mac, you likely just need to enter the IP in the field and hit connect. If that does not work, try entering the IP as afp://5.x.x.x and then hit connect (replace 5.x.x.x with the IP you are trying to connect to). If you are connecting to a Windows file share use smb://5.x.x.x and hit connect. The afp:// tells the system to connect using apple file sharing protocol and smb:// instructs it to use a Windows File Sharing alternative known as SAMBA.

    When browsing the network fails, this should be the foolproof way of connecting. As long as the Hamachi network is connected and the other machine is reachable via the Hamachi network, this will be reliable, even when the browse option does not work.

    I hope this helps.

  96. Kallekeek Reply

    @ smanke

    i actually have no idea anymore :)

    here are the facts again:

    – i have hamachi on my imac, newest version

    – i already connected to the network and i can do everything from ping, chat what ever

    – the computer i want to browse is a server from a friend of mine based on windows

    – this server is now configured to also work with mac

    so here is the problem:

    everything is working, except the button for browse is not working… it´t there but it does not allow me to click on it

    the only way i can connect with it is with hamachi, i tried your way with the connect window and go… but it does not work as well..

    are there any updates i need for my imac so that i am able to connect with windows computers?? is there anything else??

    thanks for your help, it´s driving me nuts…

  97. Kallekeek Reply

    ok i actually found a solution:

    i had to change some options and then use

    1. turn on hamachi and wait till everything is connected

    2. use finder – go – connect with server and use the smb option

    after this all was done i had the server in my shared computers and could browse it through the finder…

    but as soon as i close hamachi it breaks off the connection in the finder…

    it´s funny but it works… finder works not without the hamachi connection… and browse option in hamachi works not at all…

    thanks for the help here..

  98. smanke Reply


    Thanks for the update. I never realized there was a Browse option in Hamachi. I never tried it. The only thing I ever tried from that menu was Ping and that was just to see if the connection was up.

    I’m sorry for the confusion.

  99. Heartless Beast Reply

    Hey, my friend has an older mac (about 5 years old) and when i tried installing Hamachi onto it i get a message that says that Hamachi isn’t supported by this architecture… I don’t own a mac and have no clue to what that means. Can Hamachi be run on a mac this old? And if so how do i fix the “architecture” of the application so it’ll run on his mac? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been trying to connect my pc to his mac for gaming for weeks now.

  100. smanke Reply

    @Heartless Beast

    I’m betting your buddy has an older Mac with a PowerPC processor. Since Hamachi went 2.0 it has required a Mac with an Intel based processor.

    I did some digging and found these system requirements:

    • Windows Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, or Windows 7

    • Mac Operating System: Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), or 10.7 (Lion) on Intel-based Macs

    • Internet connection

    • There are no special hardware requirements

    I’m betting that is the issue.

    I was thinking that he might be able to get around the issue if he could find the older 1.0 version of Hamachi. But that version was much harder to use on the Mac. It never had a good graphical interface. It only ever worked well using the command line. And it required some additional encryption drivers to be installed before it could even run. I’m not sure they would even be easy to find now.

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